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Tips for Build an eCommerce App

5 tips to consider when building an eCommerce app for your business

1.66 Billion people purchased using digital platforms by the end of 2017. It is being predicted that by 2021, the amount will increase to 2.14 billion. As more and more people are using online platforms to make purchases, businesses are entering the world of eCommerce.

Merely having an online store and website is no longer enough to ensure the success of an eCommerce business. Instead, you must deliver value to customers. A great way to do so is by developing an eCommerce app. After all, the total number of app downloads in 2017 alone was 197 billion! Since apps have become an integral part of our lives, it is expected that the masses prefer shopping through them as well, compared to websites.

If you are considering building an E-commerce app for your business, here are the top tips you must consider.

  1. Have an intuitive design

Just like the layout of your store plays a crucial role in the overall consumer purchase decision, the same goes for the design of your eCommerce app. In fact, in case of an online app, you are faced with even tougher situations.


This is because the attention span of an average user when using a website or an app is less than 8 seconds! Therefore, if you are not able to stand out and satisfy the need of your visitors from the get-go, the chances are your app won’t be used by your target audience.

Therefore, building an intuitive design is critical. Make sure your app features a simple navigation system. A complicated design might seem like a good idea to look sophisticated. However, the more text and animations you put, the heavier will be your app, and the lesser it will be appreciated by users. So, keep user experience at the core of your every design related decision. As a rule of thumb, If it won’t provide benefits to users, your app is better off without it. Relay these demands to your app development company and ask them to develop a simple app.

  1. Multiple payment options are a must
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You must have various payment option as part of your eCommerce platform. No customer will waste time on an app that doesn’t support their preferred method of payment. This is why it is essential for your app to support an array of payment methods. Don’t make the mistake of just having popular payment options like PayPal and credit cards. Instead, debit card, eWallets, and net banking should also be included.

During the initial phase of your Ecommerce app, you might be able to get away with having just the popular payment options. However, as awareness about your store increases, you will attract profitable customers from all over the region. Make sure to have multiple payment options before this stage comes.

  1. Choose your platform carefully

Choose your mobile platform carefully


Apps need to be based on platforms. You can either make your app compatible with iOS, Windows or with Android. In case you have the resources to do so, you might even consider building separate versions of your Ecommerce app for both the platforms. In case you don’t, you need to pay close attention to how you choose your platform.

Why is it important to select the right platform for your business? This is because the platform you decide on will govern what users you will be able to access using the mobile application. Look at factors like your target market, its age group and the type of industry you are catering to. See the consumer demographic of both platforms. For example, if your eCommerce store is based in the USA, you might want to opt for iOS since the platform is popular in the area.

  1. Know your competitors well
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You aren’t the only one developing an E-commerce app in today’s age. Most retail outlets are doing it. So, why should your target audience choose your app over all the other options? You need to come up with a sound answer for this. And that will become the unique selling proposition for your store.

For this, you need to know what you are up against. Have a thorough understanding of your competitors from the get-go. See what they are doing good and either deliver the same features at par or outrank them in it. If you choose to do the former, you must then find another feature which can become your point of difference. Whether it be your coupon system or user interface, anything that you do better than your rivals can help differentiate you.

To make things easier for you, we recommend that you choose the top performing apps in your industry and analyze them. This is better than researching on all potential rivals. This is mainly because there are a plethora of apps in each sector and if you try to examine them all, you will end up getting stuck in this stage for ages.

  1. Implement mobile analytics

Implement mobile analytics


Apart from E-commerce and digital solution, another blessing of the modern age is analytics. Now, companies can churn data to gain insights about customers’ buying behavior. For instance, you can learn how customers engage with your app through mobile analytics.

To ensure the long-term performance of your Ecommerce app, you must implement mobile analytics in your application. This will help you identify metrics for performance. You can then use this data to rectify errors in your app, thereby boosting your profit margins. Know what type of data you must track. Ask your app development company to deliver clear ways of providing the results of mobile analytics.

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E-commerce apps are no different than other mobile apps in the market. You need to deliver intuitive user interface and speedy performance to your users. Build a quality E-commerce app for your business. Ensure its performance and include analytics. When combined, this will allow you to have a successful app that will be used by the masses to shop for products.

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Tips for Build an eCommerce App


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