Think eCommerce is Saturated? I Disagree!
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Think eCommerce is Saturated? I Disagree!

My friend Murray is giving me a hard time. I tried to convince him to embrace eCommerce and expand his online business, but he says that the online industry is saturated. He says there is no point in creating or upgrading online stores and sites because people are already confused by their choices. I’m afraid I have to disagree!

It’s true that the eCommerce market in the U.S. has grown large and unwieldy and that customers may be a bit overwhelmed by choices. But, there is a lot to be said for growth in the global market and the improved targeting of specific customers and audiences. In other words, if you find yourself lagging behind the eCommerce wave and you think it is too later to catch up, don’t despair!

As technology improves, eCommerce will be easier to use, and customers will settle in and embrace their favorite sites. In addition, as companies get better at social media marketing, target marketing, and cross-channel marketing, they can avoid spending money on those who do not need or want their products and services and focus on those ready to buy and want what the organization has to offer.

eCommerce is just like every other aspect of the business. You have to be creative and smart in your approach. You have to understand your customer. You have to create products and services (AND online business sites and apps) that make it easy for people to search, find and buy your products. There is still plenty of potential in eCommerce, and the good news is that, even if your focus has previously been in brick and mortar, you can expand your market and add a channel by offering products to those who don’t live around the corner. If you are new to the arena, I would highly recommend an expert to help you with building the site, the app and the approach to custom tailor your efforts to your customer base and get you the most attention! Ecommerce Development Company

About Author: Sahil Patel is an engineer and project manager at Elegant MicroWeb, involved with project management and services delivery. An excellent problem solver with architectural and hands-on programming skills on Microsoft platforms, Linux, PHP frameworks, Content Management Systems, mobile, and eCommerce frameworks. A team builder with over 12 years of experience inspires and motivates the project team to perform consistently to meet clients’ expectations with a proven offshore delivery model.

Think eCommerce is Saturated? I Disagree!

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