The Social Shake-Up Virtual Spring Event

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The Social Shake-Up – This premier social media conference brings together forward-thinking marketing, social media, digital, content, and PR professionals for thought-provoking sessions, powerful keynotes, and excellent networking. Virtual; Apr 21, 2021

The Social Shake-Up provides social media, marketing, and communications professionals with forward-thinking training and resources. The Social Shake-Up portfolio includes the virtual Social Shake-Up Spring Tune-Up—featuring the latest social media features across all platforms—and The Social Shake-Up Show— the premier, in-person social media marketing conference in the U.S.

The Social Shake-Up is a three-day conference designed for marketers, communicators, content creators, and business leaders who are helping to shape the social strategy of their organizations. These social media trailblazers attend The Social Shake-Up to focus on the ever-changing digital landscape and grow their social business skills.

The only virtual social media conference of its kind—focused on using social media to “shake up” your brand, sales, and employee and customer engagement.

The Social Shake-Up features breakthrough thinking and real connections with marketers across corporate America. With a speaking faculty featuring carefully curated speakers and attendees comprising social media’s top movers and shakers, you’ll get ideas to move yourself and your brand forward.

You’ll hear from marketers who understand the place of social in business, and you’ll participate in provocative discussions about what’s next and how you need to prepare. Whether you’re with a consumer, business-to-business or nonprofit, a small, medium, or Fortune 50 company, The Social Shake-Up will have something for you.

We’ll have interactive sessions, case studies, panel discussions, fireside chats, and clinics focused on social strategy, integrated comms, customer experience, video, monitoring, data, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, content marketing, mobile, crisis management, podcasting, blogging, social good, visual storytelling, paid social, organic social, SEO, online communities, customer mapping, talent retention, measurement, and social commerce.

  • Every speaker will share an example of out-of-the-ordinary social media success; if the initiative did not shake things up in some way, you wouldn’t hear about it.
  • We will respect your time and intelligence. In other words, no duds on stage and no sessions that run over.
  • We understand your need for flexibility, so all our sessions and speaker materials will be available for download if you miss anything.

The Social Shake-Up Virtual Spring Event

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