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The Rise of No-Code Development Platforms 

The buzz around the next wave of tech development platforms leads directly to Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platforms for workflow improvement, more efficient business processes, and easy integration with existing tech. For businesses whose first order of operations isn’t tech, there’s always pressure on IT person or team members to get through major amounts of work. This is further complicated with global shortages in the available supply yet overwhelming demand for IT professionals. With a world that’s more and more digitized, these RAD development platforms offer the chance to create apps that solve operational problems more quickly, affordably, and with greater agility than ever before.

No-Code Platforms – Good for Business and Perfect For Every Employee 

Within the RAD space, No-Code Platforms, in particular, are getting a huge amount of interest because they can be used to create apps even if the developer has no IT knowledge or experience. When you combine that with the fact that the kinds of apps created are typically those that automate processes and streamline staff operations, these platforms solve many problems all at once. In a climate of urgency due to the recent mass shifts towards remote work, rapid establishment of e-commerce for brick-and-mortar businesses, and non-contact service options, it’s no wonder Forrester projects No-Code platforms will be worth $21.2 billion by 2022. Furthermore, major tech companies are also paying attention to Google acquiring No-Code start-up Appsheet in 2020 and declared the importance of No-Code, saying, “The demand for faster processes and automation in today’s competitive landscape requires more business applications to be built with greater speed and efficiency.”

Learn More About No-Code and Get Started Now [Infographic]

Dive into this tech in more detail with TeamKonnect, who developed the infographic below, ‘The Rise of No-Code Development Platforms.’ With more relevant facts and stats, insights from experts, and analysis on development and implementation, this resource is an invaluable guide on No-Code applications’ journey.

The Rise of No-Code Development Platforms


The Rise of No-Code Development Platforms

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