The Platinum Card Users From American Express in for a treat with Uber Eats

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We all are aware of the benefits of having a Platinum Card from American Express. It is all that you need if you order food often from nearby restaurants. However, if you’re looking to bag tremendous benefits from the well-loved and known Uber Eats app, then you’re in for a treat with the Platinum Card.

Here is why people love using the Platinum card for Uber Eats.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Platinum Card from American Express: 

The American Express credit cards are known for their unique perks and rewards you can bag when you pay through your card. The Platinum card is prestigious, and it comes with a lot of rewards and a hefty $695 annual fee, but it is rightly justified. For being eligible to apply, you need to have a stellar credit score and a great credit spending history. Also, you can earn rewards by grocery shopping using this Amex Card.

The Platinum card is not for those people who are not responsible for their spending and paying off their dues timely. However, the application process is a piece of cake, and if you are eligible, you will get your card within 5 to 7 business days, and you can start to cash out the fantastic benefits that this card offers.

The Anticipated and Loved Platinum Card: 

The Platinum Card from American Express gives a whopping 100,000 membership reward points when you sign up for the card and spend $6000 within the first 6 months of getting the card. You also get a 10% extra point to cash rewards when you pay in restaurants in the US and worldwide. The APR of 22.99% justifies this card as a good pick and is one reason people love this card, despite its ridiculously high annual fee.

Why People Love Uber Eats?  

If you want good food delivered fast to you, then Uber Eats is a great app to use. Just fish out your phone, pick your favorite restaurant and go crazy with your order. Just remember to use the Platinum card for payment at the checkout to get yourself some equally irresistible rewards and discounts. Uber Eats is a game-changing app where you are promised good food on time and with excellent customer service.

The Platinum Card & Uber Eats: 

The Platinum Card users are in for a treat with Uber Eats. Not only do you get a $0 delivery fee, but you also get 15% off on different restaurants if you are the owner of the Uber Eats Pass. You can get it once you set your payment option to the Platinum card.

Users also get 10% on their daily commutes, which will save you a lot of money. The Platinum card users also get a monthly $15 cash reward in their wallet, bumped up to $20 during Christmas. If you are a regular Uber Eats user, then this card is perfect for you.

Uber Eats and American Express are two of the most used things by most people, and for a good reason. The Platinum card gives a lot of cash and point rewards for the members and cardholders.

The Platinum Card Users From American Express in for a treat with Uber Eats

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