The Influence of Local SEO for eCommerce

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The Influence of Local SEO for eCommerce

The online world is a door to the ocean of opportunities. Small businesses are using these opportunities to expand their presence online. Budding artists, authors, and writers can promote their work online.

The Influence of Local SEO for eCommerce

To grow your online presence, you should consider investing in local SEO.

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a vital source for the promotion of businesses online. Local SEO helps you set up your website ranking in search pages and the right places.

It has become essential to set up your business for the modern customer. Today’s customers use their smartphones to look for products and services online. For this, they input location. Thus, this process is termed a local search. The most powerful search engine, Google, uses accurate location and consumer interests to provide exact results. If the consumers are satisfied with these results, they are likely to return. Thus, a strong local SEO strategy is all you need to attract local customers for your business.

Steps to Set up your local SEO

Here are six easy steps to set up your local SEO for your e-commerce business.

  1. Claim your Google profile
  2. Build local citation
  3. Work on on-site optimization
  4. Work on getting online reviews
  5. Improve your local SEO strategy
  6. Use local SEO tools

Local SEO for eCommerce businesses

For a successful local SEO, eCommerce businesses need to consider these two points:

Information Panel

The boxed results give the users a summary of the search query results. This summary includes

    • Business details
    • Photos, reviews
    • Address
    • Contact info etc.

To draw your customer’s attention, make Google aware of your business. Google My Business (GMB) is the best tool for this.

Google Local 3-pack

Google’s quick views, where you find all the information about the business in one go. The business information is displayed with links to the website, directions, and phone numbers. To make your business profile strong, you need

    • Positive customer reviews
    • Accurate business information
    • Solid SEO track record.

Google Business for your eCommerce business

Google Business is a free tool offered by Google to help businesses grow and promote their online presence. Businesses can take their first step in digital marketing by using this location-based strategy. Google also offers a Google Business mobile app and free analytics.

Business owners can manage their business portfolio to seek local exposure. They can add captivating business descriptions, photos, and relevant information to attract customers. You can also add service hours, location details, and contact information.

Customers or Google local guides can post and edit their reviews, visits, and other information. This also helps businesses to connect to local customers and promotes healthy customer interaction.


In the digital era, local SEO is vital to your eCommerce business. It does wonders in terms of increasing website performance. It improves online visibility with SEO rankings based on competitive keywords. Thus, providing relevant search results to the customers. It increases your business’s vicinity in front of the local audience. All you need to do is bring a strong Google profile. Then work on your website optimization, and attract positive customer reviews. Next is using the Google My Business tool to upscale your business with minimal effort.

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