The Importance of Content Marketing in 2022
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The Importance of Content Marketing in 2022

The Importance of Content Marketing For an Online Business in 2022

For any online business, content marketing is crucial to ensure your brand gets the exposure it needs to grow and generate further sales.

The creation and distribution of content are extremely important to educating your audience or promoting something you’d like to get out there into the world. As a result, the popularity of content marketing is growing, with 60% of marketers creating at least one piece of content daily.

With that said, your online business must utilize this marketing method for your online business in 2022.

What are the most popular forms of content marketing?

There are a variety of forms being used when it comes to content marketing that is worth mentioning. Whether you’re already experienced in content marketing or just starting a business, it’s important to keep up to date with all the latest methods and trends in content online. So what are the most popular forms of content marketing currently?

According to a study done by Crystal Comms, here are the top content marketing methods worth using as a marketer.

Blog posts and articles

Blog posts and online articles tend to be the most engaged in content marketing because it’s highly educational and often provide something of value to the reader.

While content may be heading in a more visual direction with videos, there’s still a lot of popularity for blog posts and online articles that include visuals.


It seems everyone has a podcast at the moment, which is likely due to the rising demand and popularity of podcasts. With 41% of the US population alone listening to podcasts every month, it’s a content marketing type that you may wish to invest in as a business. 


E-books are used in the publishing industry to offer a virtual version of the many of us read hardback books. However, the industry of e-books has expanded to cater to self-publishing authors who want to get their content out there, including online businesses.

If you have something of value worth giving to your readers, making it into an e-book and selling it for a profit is worth doing. There’s certainly a market for it, especially with platforms like Amazon making it easy to sell e-books.


Videos are a great way to engage with an audience, especially as it’s easily digestible and have become one of the most popular forms of content marketing this year and beyond. Users much prefer watching videos than having to skim read through chunks of text on a page.

Marketers certainly sing the praises of video marketing, with 86% of video marketers saying the video has effectively generated leads.

Improve your success with a content marketing agency for SaaS companies 

For many online businesses that provide a service, providing great content marketing can be challenging. This is especially so if your business is fairly new and might not have the funds to invest in an in-house team of marketers. That’s why a content marketing agency for SaaS companies is helpful to utilize.

If you’re struggling to implement content marketing into your marketing strategy, outsourcing to an agency is the next best thing.

Five benefits of content marketing for online businesses

Why should your online business bother with content marketing? If the above hasn’t done enough to convince you of how vital this form of marketing is in 2022, then the five benefits of content marketing below should.

1. Caters to your consumer content needs.

There are lots of consumers out there, and they all need satisfaction when it comes to content. So the more high-quality content you can deliver that provides value to the user, the more popularity you’ll likely gain as a business.

Consumers want content, so you’re feeding their needs by giving it to them. From catching up on the latest ongoing feuds between celebrities to starting an eCommerce business, there’s content for everything and anything.

As a business, you want to be the feeder of that information and to provide as much as possible to help grow your online presence as a brand. This requires researching your consumers to understand who they are and what they want to get from you as a business. You’re also more likely to convert potential leads to customers with the right content.

2. Levels up your brand’s online visibility.

Boosting online visibility is key, especially within an online environment that’s heavily saturated. Getting noticed can be difficult, so it’s good to be finding new ways of getting exposure and being seen by your audience.

SEO goes hand in hand with content marketing and should be part of your content marketing strategy if it isn’t already. That said, SEO can’t exist without content, so you must create and publish high-quality content that will get the attention it needs.

The right content and quality content will do wonders for your online business in getting traffic to your site and social media channels. It’s all about getting the balance right when it comes to SEO-optimized content and content that your consumers need.

3. Helps nurture leads and prospects within your marketing funnel.

When you’re trying to nurture leads, it’s important to use content marketing to help give your prospects more incentives to move further down the marketing funnel.

The marketing funnel, or the sales funnel, is how marketers keep track of and understand the buyer’s journey. Every individual interested in buying from the business will be at a certain point within that funnel, and the right type of content can target those individuals at various points.

By creating the best type of content the consumers want, you will help nurture those leads and bring them closer to conversion. Not only that, but you’ll help existing customers to buy repeatedly with the right content in front of them.

It’s beneficial to understand better the marketing funnel and where each consumer may be before targeting them with the relevant content. 

4. Gives you the spotlight within a crowded market.

It’s no surprise that the online market is extremely crowded. We have older businesses making their way over to the internet, but you’ve also got new businesses cropping up left, right, and center. 

All of your competitors are likely investing in content marketing, and those who aren’t are missing out on a right treat. Creating unique and viral-worthy content, in some cases, will be a great way to get the exposure your business deserves.

After all that hard work you’re putting in to build your business, you want it to be seen. Content marketing done right will help set your online business apart from the competitors that are similar to you in nature or within your industry.

5. Helps build quality backlinks to boost your site’s ranking and authority.

Content can help cross-promote on other channels you might have included within your marketing strategy. For example, social media profiles like Instagram and Facebook can benefit your website and vice versa.

Many of those within search engine optimization believe that backlinks and link-building, in general, can significantly affect your site’s rankings. With 58.1% of SEOs believing backlinks are impactful for search engine rankings, it’s wise to trust the experts.

Content is important in building quality backlinks because the links need somewhere to go. By creating valuable and high-quality content, you can place the relevant backlinks needed into the content to enhance further the content you’re publishing to your feeds.

Publishing content regularly is key, and finding the best quality links is also important. Don’t just place links for the sake of it, and always check back into your pages to ensure all links are still active and not broken. There’s nothing worse than a broken link for a new consumer approaching your site for the first time.

The importance of content marketing for online businesses in 2022

In 2022 and beyond, content marketing should be a no-brainer when it comes to your online marketing strategies. As a business that operates online, content assists in getting the exposure your business needs and enticing potential leads to convert to customers.

Ensure you do your best to implement content marketing into your online business this year.

The Importance of Content Marketing in 2022

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