The Future of Cannabis Technology

The cannabis industry is expanding fast, and part of this momentum is largely due to immense involvement in the tech world. Today, you’ll find several sites and applications that help you streamline your cannabis business to the max, at least for now. As technology gets savvier, and cannabis continues to become more prevalent in the mainstream, we can expect further advancements to follow.

As more states continue to legalize the use of marijuana both for medical and recreational purposes, there’s a rapid expansion of medical opportunities that are open, especially for tech innovators. Currently, cannabis is being monitored both by researchers and users, a trek that requires meticulous organization and tracking.

Cannabis is still relatively new in an industry that’s just getting traction. So, there’s a huge potential for research and developing new technologies to make this wonder drug even better.

Below are two innovative technologies that can transform the cannabis industry-

The Future of Cannabis Technology

DNA Sequencing

The amount of variance of cannabis strains is just mind-boggling. And that’s just for the strains we know. Although cannabis is technically classified as a single plant, its DNA sequencing variations are so adverse that the plant offers thousands of unique options people can benefit from.

However, most cannabis users don’t realize that technology isn’t just stumbling across unique strains or varying levels of CBD/THC combinations. There’s a lot more that science and technology relating to genomics help with manipulating cannabis genetics and creating the ultimate DNA sequence.

From what we’ve learned so far, there’s a tremendous amount of variance between cannabis plant strains. And with each variety, there’s a resulting difference in the balance of THC, CBD, and other compounds found in the plant. This leads to a robust market of cannabis products like CBDfx gummies, edibles, tinctures, patches, etc. that’s hard to regulate.

Essentially, modern genomics seems to be the key to unlocking cannabis’s ultimate potential as more leading cannabis growers join in efforts to engage the plant’s DNA, assembling the clearest blueprint for how cannabis generates the panoply of compounds within.

Future of Cannabis Technology

A Meter For Measuring Content Levels of Cannabinoid and Terpene

The cannabis industry would greatly benefit from a tool that can measure the levels of terpene and content in cannabis or hemp strain. A handheld device that can clearly show the cannabinoid and terpene levels of a plant and does not affect the plant negatively is the need of the hour. 

The cannabis industry currently lacks a reliable and precise method that can show the terpene and cannabinoid levels in a plant. The Texas A&M RS technology represents the progress being made to come up with such a technology. They came up with a device that they used in a study to show its effectiveness. 

The dawn of the medical benefits of cannabis has long fueled the race for better technological innovations. But before we adopt specific technologies, it’s vital to analyze and consider how it blends with your plantation ventures. Making use of technological innovations now should help you manage your marijuana business better as well.

The Future of Cannabis Technology

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