The Essential WooCommerce Maintenance Checklist 

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The Essential WooCommerce Maintenance Checklist 

Maintenance is a vital factor to consider for every business operation. No matter what you do on your WooCommerce store, maintenance is a non-negotiable priority. If you are looking for someone to guide you through the process efficiently, then this article has it all outlined for you! Read on!  

WooCommerce has fast become the most popular plugin for all WordPress users. You can do much here, from using the export plugin for WooCommerce to exporting your data to all the amazing features it provides. But as you get going with your WooCommerce, keep in mind that maintenance of the same factors must never be overlooked!   

  1. Update your software

Software updates are a basic thing while considering your gadget or website. Whenever a new version is available, make sure you update your WooCommerce website. As you maintain and keep all your software updated, you will be able to ward off any security threat.   

You can even consider enabling an automatic update always to keep your software updated to the latest version. Using a stagging site to run a basic test of the software update can also be fruitful for you.   

  1. Regular scanning to prevent malware

Regular or biweekly scanning of your WooCommerce site is important to ward off potential malware. Make sure to run scans every once in a while, and monitor your downtime. Looking for a good-quality host is also essential to keep potential malware at bay.   

Analyze and study your scan reports to check for any cause or sign of trouble. This way, you will address any potential threat before it steps in.   

  1. Do not forget to backup!

Backing up your data is probably the essential thing to do. Undoubtedly, your WooCommerce store has a lot of important data that you never want to lose. Your WooCommerce data consists of all your product details, customer information, order details, and so much more – which are all vital! Thus, please make sure you always backup and store them somewhere safe and secure.   

If your website gets hacked or crashes down suddenly, you will understand the necessity of maintaining this backup by chance. You can choose a suitable plugin to ensure regular backup of your data is done and maintained. Storing your data on any cloud storage like Google Drive or OneDrive is a good way to go.   

  1. Go through your checkout process.

This is something that every online business must work on. Going through and testing every little part of your checkout process to see if there is any issue anywhere is important. Why should you sit and wait for those bad reviews to fly in? Instead, you can regularly check on the checkout process on your website.   

Payment processes should be easy and hackle-free; otherwise, you will lose out on many customers. Several payment pathways provide sandboxes to test the checkout process without paying. But it is recommended to use sandboxes for staging sites. In the case of lives sites, it is better to use private products to test the checkout process.   

  1. Check the speed of your site.

People are most likely to be driven away if your website takes a lot of time to load. So, if you don’t want the lack of speed in your website to act as a hindrance, make sure to run proper speed tests regularly. As an essential part of maintaining your WooCommerce site, you can even run a third-party speed test.  

Based on the results you receive on running the test, you can give your website even better performance. For example, using compressed images on your website can effectively increase the speed of your site. Further, you must also ensure that you have a reliable and trusted host on which your website operates.   

  1. Filter your spam

Filtering all the spam reviews is important to ensure the speed and reputation of your site in the market. Therefore, you should inculcate this as a crucial part of your everyday work. Going through and checking all the reviews and comments you have received and removing the inappropriate ones is a key to maintaining your WooCommerce site.  

For this work, you can even use suitable and trusted plugins to get the job done easily for you.  


The key to properly regulating and maintaining any business site is running regular checks and tests. You should never stay put and wait for problems to pop up, but instead, work on removing any errors that may create bigger issues in the future. If you deem it necessary, seeking professional help or performing a local SEO strategy for maintaining your WooCommerce might also do you good. Besides that, be sure to spend sufficient time and effort maintaining and regulating everything on your WooCommerce site.  

The Essential WooCommerce Maintenance Checklist