The Best Ways to Differentiate Your Amazon Product Listings

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Is there truly anything more convenient than online shopping? Being able to browse millions of products and compare them based on various design features, their prices, and the culmination of hundreds of user reviews, all from the comfort of our homes, is truly magnificent. The convenience that online shopping provides has greatly influenced how the online retailing industry has taken off in the past few years. Just two years ago (2019), the e-tail industry serviced just under two billion people searching for different products and services online. The total sales numbers for these two billion people serviced were over $3.5 trillion. By all accounts, these numbers are bound to increase over the coming years, largely in part due to Amazon’s involvement.

It should be no surprise that Amazon has such a large contribution to this industry. For many, online shopping is synonymous with Amazon and their Prime delivery service. Recent data indicates that nearly half of all online sales worldwide are made through Amazon, with close to 200 million people visiting the website every month. But can you really blame anyone? The convenience is unmatched. With Amazon’s offerings spanning across over 12 million different products, it’d be shocking if someone couldn’t find something they want or need on the platform. Such a large body of offerings is made possible by the excessive amount of third-party sellers operating on the platform.

Like many other aspiring entrepreneurs, you might be wondering how these third-party sellers made their way onto Amazon’s network and began selling their goods. The truth is, listing a product on Amazon isn’t as hard as you might think. However, due to the amount of inherent competition your product will face, listing your product is only the first step of becoming a successful seller on Amazon. To improve the number of sales you see on the platform, you must be critical of the listing and design it in a way that attracts traffic to it. Properly optimizing the listing makes customers visiting the listing more likely, increasing the conversion rate of your products.

But how do you properly optimize your product listing? Well, it mostly comes down to cracking Amazon’s algorithmic code. Amazon’s A9 search algorithm is responsible for the right products being recommended to the right people. A9 is coded so that it is most likely to result in a sale of a product to a particular customer. This means that listings that are most useful to a customer based on their account’s individual needs will likely appear for this particular customer. Certain elements of a listing contribute to the likelihood of a customer finding it. The listing’s title, the included description, the images included with the listing, videos that show off unique features of the product, and even supplementary brand content play a large role in how A9 views your listing.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to edit your listings accordingly, there are a few suggestions that will go a long way. First, do some keyword research. Determine what keywords customers are using to reach product pages similar to yours. If you find that your product is ranking low in these phrases, be sure to include them in your listing. This makes it more likely that customers searching for a product within the niche that you offer are more likely to encounter your product and thus purchase it. In addition to keyword research, another simple optimization strategy is fine-tuning your listing’s description. Rather than providing a barren description, include relevant information in the way of bullet points to include all of the useful features and unique qualities that differentiate your product from the many others on Amazon. Finally, and likely the most important, are the supplementary images and videos you should include for your products. Customers are more likely to purchase a product if they’re first able to view it through a different means than just a stock photo. A few photos of the product in action or even a video of its different applications will go a long way in converting more sales for your listings.

For more information on how to properly optimize your product’s Amazon listings, check out the featured infographic below. Courtesy of Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions.

The Best Ways to Differentiate Your Amazon Product Listings

The Best Ways to Differentiate Your Amazon Product Listings

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