The Best eCommerce Books to Read in 2021

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It is relatively simple to build an e-commerce store. The challenging part is making money out of it. It would be best if you had dedication, perseverance, and commitment to developing a successful website. But it can be highly beneficial to learn from people who have passed through the process and succeeded. 

There are numerous things to learn about e-commerce. For example: 

  • How to find and connect with customers 
  • How to maintain your relevance and gain top ranking on search results 
  • Defining your mission or objectives and moving forward as a business. 

To help you answer these questions and more, we have provided the best e-commerce books available today. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Top 9 eCommerce Books To Read In 2021 

E-Business and E-Commerce Management 

If you are searching for a textbook on starting an e-commerce business, you can’t forego this book. E-Business and E-Commerce Management is in its 4th edition, and it covers both the soft skills and technical aspects that can help you succeed. 

The author, Dave Chaffey, wrote the book with local and international audiences in mind. The book will teach you about the relevance of proper planning, how to manage a team, and other essential topics. 

Are you a student, a professional expert, or thinking of starting a business? This book will teach you fundamental skills that will surely help you succeed. 


You need severe and rigorous preparation if you want to start your e-commerce today. It is an essential process which you can’t ignore. Fortunately, the book “Launch,” written by an e-commerce veteran Jeff Walker, provides an easy-to-navigate roadmap that can get you to your destination. It is highly ideal if you are working with a bootstrap budget. 

Walker uses excellent examples to explain what builds or destroys a product launch. He also provides the tools you need to make your brand successful. The book will teach you: 

  • How to position yourself appropriately, 
  • Create your unique niche (regardless of your budget), 
  • How to effectively manage your time
  • How to effectively budget so that you can have the highest significant impact 

Building A StoryBrand 

One of the most crucial aspects of e-commerce is having a clear message. Your message should be as straightforward as possible. Instead of concentrating on aspects that apply to businesses, the book focuses on the vital elements of creating a compelling story. This story helps you and your company to connect with your customers profoundly. 

There are common conversational pitfalls which the book will show you how to avoid. That way, you can focus on the main message regardless of who you are talking to. You will also learn how to create a competitive edge with your words. 

Instead of just screaming a message, you will learn how to motivate and encourage your customers to become your brand loyalists. The author, Donald Miller, provides astounding revelations in the book that will surprise you. It is not surprising that it is the number one Wall Street Journal Bestseller. 

Crushing It! 

In the book “Crushing It!,” Gary Vaynerchuk provides a characteristic style that is both inspirational and practical. The book paints a highly detailed picture of the rise of the personal brand and analyzes every social media platform‘s rise and fall. 

Furthermore, the book also recounts some of the first entrepreneurs’ stories, including those that followed his principles to attain success. The book will show you how to leverage your social media platforms. Also, acquire the inspiration to do whatever it takes to grow professionally and personally. 

SEO 2020 

When building an e-commerce website, your target audience must find you. And that means getting to the top of Google search results. It is almost impossible to achieve this feat without knowing the basics of search engine optimization. Thankfully, “SEO 2020” helps you to acquire the basics. 

The author, Adam Clarke, will show you how to 

  • Select proper keywords, 
  • Come up with a strategy that helps you to adapt to changes, 
  • Acquire more customers, and 
  • Stay relevant. 

As you may know, Google is constantly changing its algorithms. So it is crucial to have a book that considers the most recent changes, including the emphasis on building a mobile-optimized website and a site that loads quickly. By the way, this book gets updated every year. 

The Startup Owner’s Manual 

Steve Blank and Bob Dorf did not write the book for only e-commerce professionals. It is an invaluable tool for any individual who wants to launch a business and does not know where to start. 

The book is more than 600 pages long. But don’t let it get you down! Many of them are useful infographics and charts, including simple-to-follow checklists. More than 100,000 people have become entrepreneurs due to the book’s in-depth and helpful outline. 

The advice the book contains is so reliable that the National Science Foundation and numerous Ivy League universities depend on its methods. That is quite an achievement! The book does not only focus on building your product. 

It focuses on creating a customer-centric tactic, avoiding typical pitfalls, integrating a business-building strategy, moving clients via a well-developed funnel, and expanding your business to increase profits for both the long and short term. 

Get Rich Click!

Get Rich Click! Focuses on how to generate money with your e-commerce business. There is a reason why this book is a New York Times bestseller. It holds an extensive guide to everything you need to know to turn your website into a profitable business. 

Just because you have not started the e-commerce business does not mean you are behind. You still have time to learn and grow, and that is what Marc Ostrofsky, the author of the book, helps you do. 

Don’t Make Me Think 

Once you get the basic understanding of e-commerce, purchase Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think.” The book will help you better optimize your website and understand website usability. The book was published in 2000. Since then, it has impacted web developers and designers to better understand information design principles and intuitive navigation.

The book is short, simple to understand, and perfect for all skills and features useful illustrations. In its 3rd “Revisited” edition, Krug has included a new chapter on mobile usability and updated various examples for relevant information. 

You Should Test That! 

Getting potential customers to visit your e-commerce website is one thing. Converting them into actual customers is another hurdle to cross. If you want a successful conversion optimization, this book, written by Chris Goward, will help you. Goward breaks down everything via a step-by-step guide. 

The book will teach you how to analyze data, conduct online experiments, and select the right testing methods and tools. Goward also incorporates practical case studies, exercise, and crucial tactics. You can rely on Goward’s insights because he has used these techniques to advise Fortune 500 clients. 

So if you want to increase your conversion rates, we recommend this book. 


Keep in mind that before you become a successful e-commerce brand or entrepreneur, you need to spend time learning and building your personal growth. Nowadays, books are the perfect way to acquire useful information now that there is information overload in the e-commerce space. 

Instead of watching numerous Youtube videos, good e-commerce books provide you with distilled business principles that have worked for decades. The books explained above to give you all the good and in-depth information you need to succeed. Please go through them and choose what best suits your personal needs!

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The Best eCommerce Books to Read in 2021

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