The Best B2B Mobile Apps for Your Business Growth

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A B2B business to expand and meet your expectations requires effective B2B mobile apps. Continue reading to know the best B2B that can help you grow your business

Operating a B2B business can be challenging as the owner looks into many aspects to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Many B2B companies prefer outsourcing other services to make managing everything in their businesses easier. Fortunately, communications technology has made things easier with mobile apps. If you are looking for the best way to manage your B2B business, you require mobile apps that will help you coordinate with other companies smoothly and maximize profitability. B2B mobile apps refer to apps meant to cater to different business requirements, including in-house mobile apps used for inventory management and public portal to manage and assign projects. These tools help any B2B business owner run large-scale projects smoothly. For example, many restaurants have dedicated apps for taking online orders and delivering them. B2B apps are beneficial since they make work pretty fast and straightforward. 

This article highlights some of the best B2B business apps that you can use to meet the bottom like in your company. Read on to find out which apps are best suited to help you run your B2B business. 

Why are B2B Apps Necessary when running a Business? 

Before we get into listing down the best B2B business apps, let’s first explain why these apps are necessary if you want to run your business.

B2B Apps Enhance Efficiency 

B2B mobile apps help to increase efficiency in your business. A B2B buyer prefers convenience and faster delivery over the best available prices. These B2B mobile Apps are intuitive and have saved purchasing info, in-store barcode scanners, and in-stock product notifications. All these apps make running a B2B a breeze, plus the customer will get access to all purchase and repeat purchase info.

B2B Mobile Apps Boost ROI

B2C buyers, B2B customers purchase numerous products in larger volumes. Therefore, with a B2B app for e-commerce, there is very little chance of a business to operate on a net negative and have better ROI. B2B mobile apps come in two kinds. They are categorized according to their user base and restricted access apps. For mobile access apps, access is through any app store or the company’s website. Users related to these apps, specific companies, clients, or employees can access this app through the user interface. 

Now, let’s explore the various B2B mobile apps you can install to run your B2B business from any app store. 

  • Google Analytics 

For those business owners who run websites and mobile apps, having an analytical B2B app is paramount if they want to track their visitors and website access. Google Analytics is the best and most effective analytical tool known to provide reliable analytics. Some of the features that you will get from this B2B Mobile app include audience insights, real-time data, conversions, and more. With so many people accessing the internet through mobile devices, GA will help you keep track of your app or website with ease and convenience, no matter where you are. 

  • LinkedIn Pulse

In an industry filled with business applications for making work more accessible, the LinkedIn Pulse business app makes it easier to coordinate and interact with other businesses. This well-organized mobile app for B2B business is quite helpful for providing data and all information that the company requires to make your business successful. In addition, the personal interests of users about a particular industry are also provided. 

  • Asana

Asana B2B mobile app plays a significant role in your application development business. This excellent software can be installed on any device and is quite helpful in assigning tasks to other team members that work in larger companies through email. This allows the members to keep their productivity synchronized. With Asana, a member is kept in the loop and updated with features such as task allocation with due dates, subtasks, notifications, and more. 

  • Salesforce Mobile 

An integral aspect of a B2B business has a CRM that you can count on. This kind of mobile app helps maintain efficiency and productivity in a sales system. Salesforce provides a stable CRM for developing great solutions and reliable apps. You can get it as a desktop version, or you can also install it on your phone. Businesses can easily track every aspect of their profitability. You can also make critical changes and decisions that positively affect your business. 


It is not a secret that businesses rely so much on B2B mobile apps to thrive and stay ahead of their competitors. The good news is that no matter what type of B2B business you are running, you will get a wide range of apps to meet your needs. These are just a few of the best B2B apps available in the market and will help you scale your business to higher heights. 

The Best B2B Mobile Apps for Your Business Growth

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