Temporary Staffing: When And Who Needs It?

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The temporary personnel is specialists involved in solving any specific tasks that are unusual for the organization’s usual activities. Temporary services are used when hiring a full-time employee would be financially disadvantageous. Typically, such specialists are involved in short- or medium-term projects, the duration of which does not exceed six months.

Many people choose to invest in permanent employees’ development, hiring temporary workers on rare occasions for short-term projects and tasks. However, the demand for outsourcing and personnel leasing services annually increases by an average of 15–20%. In the process of improving the legislative framework, this indicator will only grow. The benefits of hiring personnel – flexibility and cost control – are becoming apparent to an increasing number of enterprises in the broadest area of ​​business interests: logistics, manufacturing, trade, and agriculture.

Temporary staff and business need

Let’s look at examples when temporary personnel is rented, if your employee is sick, a driver, an assistant went on vacation, or consider another situation when you have a lot of technical work. For example, it’s time for a seasonal increase in work. And when is temporary staff needed? Perhaps you are starting a new project, and you don’t know if it’s effective for you or not. Still, you need to hire employees or complete the work urgently, but there are no vacancies in the state for this work. Nowadays, not all businesses can contain a full staff of employees. Sometimes the extra staff costs are tangible for the business, and the need to increase the business’s staff may appear at any time. In such situations, companies turn to Temporary staffing companies for recruiting and provision of temporary personnel.

Who needs temporary staff?

Companies with a pronounced seasonality of business realized the economic efficiency of temporary personnel earlier than others. Trade attracts additional employees during pre-holiday sales, cafes and catering companies feel the need to strengthen the team during mass events and banquets (March 8, May 9, New Year, graduation in educational institutions), fast food business and retail chains are in the process of mass opening food outlets and shops throughout the country.

However, different businesses have different peak seasons. For beer and ice cream companies – in the summer, for the production of sweets and alcohol – from New Year’s holidays to March 8, for agricultural enterprises – autumn, for urban landscaping services – spring. The most often temporary staffing agencies provide you with staff for extra work in almost all the important fields.

The warehouse can use the temporary hiring of packers and sticker workers, and the logistics can use the drivers of loading and unloading equipment. Temporary demand for additional employees appears during exhibitions, presentations, and conferences and during office relocations, production peaks, preparation of reports – to strengthen and support the core staff.

What problems does temporary staff solve?

The financial benefits of hiring temporary employees are clear and even more pronounced when the function of hiring and overseeing non-permanent employees is outsourced to a specialized, private employment agency. The US is leading among those who use temporary personnel services, but gradually the effective scheme of work is spreading to the regions. Temporary staff outsourcing solves many problems:

  • First, the agency is responsible for recruiting, hiring, adapting, and firing temporary workers. By hiring a full-time employee, you run the risk of not having the required qualifications. Providing temporary staff from a company they definitely have all the necessary knowledge, as well as practical experience in solving the assigned tasks
  • Secondly, there is no need to pay for many hours of downtime when it happens.
  • Thirdly, if a temporary employee’s absent from work, the agency promptly provides an adequate replacement.
  • Fourthly, a reserve of personnel appears, covering full-time employees for periods of illness, vacation, or training.

Temporary staff recruitment and selection criteria

How do I choose to hire temporary staff from a personnel agency?

Everyone wants to find temporary staff to hire from an agency with work experience and fulfill agreements on deadlines. Still, it is also important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Does the company have a security department, and how employees are checked?
  • What methods do they use to train employees, how to control work.
  • How the company makes sure that the employee works well?

Therefore, when choosing workers’ temporary hiring, consider the situation as a whole and choose only after a comprehensive assessment.

Bottom Line

We have explained the importance of Temporary staffing for business. While selecting a staffing agency, make sure you are making the right choice. You can visit or contact Scion Staffing for more details.

Temporary Staffing: When And Who Needs It?

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