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Strategies to Grow Revenue through E-Commerce

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed, you have to create traffic.”

The internet is a booming industry. Due to advancement in technology, more and more prefer the internet to market or sell their product as these sources seem easy and convenient for many people. There are people who consider the internet for selling their products on daily requirements. Therefore, e-commerce websites have provided a platform to people where they can see and buy any product by just clicking on the cart.

Generally, e-commerce refers to the selling of either goods or services through internet. Therefore, in order to earn huge profits, e-commerce is the right way where people can shop and generate tangible revenue that may benefit your company or website. To sell your products, it is necessary to create an e-commerce website that encourages people and bring trust among users by which they can stay on your website. If any company lacks in maintaining e-commerce websites then they will not deliver quality products or services to their customers. There are services like Magento which have brought revolution in e-commerce. Adding new products will develop new ways of merchandising.

There are strategies, which can grow e-commerce revenue:

  • Acquiring new customers – To generate and work on the e-commerce website it is necessary to have some new customers who can purchase products and visit your websites. However, it is the demand of every e-commerce website to have new customers in order to generate revenue. You can acquire many new customers by referral program, which may influence your existing customers. Another thing, that matters for generating customers is to; provide them incentives on referring your sites to their relatives or friends. Try to accumulate pay per demand policy and print ads to target new customers on your site. Contest through Facebook to bring new subscribers.
  • Enhance sales for Existing customers – Sometimes merchants forget their old customers and try to focus on their new customers. Businesses can also earn revenue with their existing customers. Research in Data-Driven Marketing has shown the chances of selling your new product to an existing customer is 70 – 75%. Whereas new customer would purchase it at a likelihood of 10 to 20%. Many times little can bring huge benefits. You can generate revenue by marketing your site. The way of marketing is promoting email abounded of shopping carts. You can also market it through your most likely buyers. Promote limited items and offers to them, this way your products will be sold on higher margins. Usually, people like to spend their money on deals, so try to focus on accumulating deals in several items that will help to generate profits.
  • Generate more products – This strategy is marked as the most effective one for generating revenue. If you need to make a substantial investment in inventory, you have to get the products in your store and label them on your website. Know the demands of your customers and focus on such products, which they like to buy more often. Mark your product list according to the season. Troll your competitor and figure out who is selling well their products.  Communicate effectively with your suppliers and see what other stores prefer to sell to their customers. Consider the demands of your customers on your priority basis to grow revenue.
  • Cross-Channel marketing – Cross-channel marketing may grow your retailers and is an effective way to boost your sales.  For boosting the trust of your customers, it is necessary to allow them to pick their orders from the stores physically. It should be same as you are displaying it on the website. This allows them something new about your store. If your customer wants something that is out of stock, then take their order and ship later as soon as it comes back in stock. Don’t show a catalog when you have an insufficient amount of stock. These attributes help you earn more revenue.
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Strategies to Grow Revenue through E-Commerce


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