Steps to configure single sign-on on iOS 10
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Steps to configure single sign-on on iOS 10

Apple’s brand new TV app is soon going to debut. However, its single sign-on attribute has seen the light of the day. Alongside it comes the capability to help users avoid the tiresome procedure of consistently logging on to each streaming app during every upgrade.

Apple freshly upgraded all the iOS 10 and brand new Apple TV products to be compatible with single sign-on. This modernization was done behind the scenes without a total OS update which is typical when Apple implements unique attributes. This availability of this brand new attribute is verified by accessing the Settings app and then navigating towards the location of Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, a recent TV Provider selection will be available.

Having SSO integrated onto any device, the user can skim over the sign-in procedure for a list of streaming apps encompassing Bravo Now (TVOS only), Hallmark Channel Everywhere (iOS and TVOS), Lifetime (iOS only), Syfy Now (TVOS only), USA NOW (TVOS only), Watch Travel Channel (iOS and TVOS) and such apps. However, it has to be noted that some of the mentioned apps have got a mandatory upgrade to function with SSO while some others have not.

Further contributing to the advantage, SSO makes it feasible for users to use the brand new TV app to observe and find movies or shows in a single app rather than jumping between apps.


For this, the user has to initially access the Settings app on any iOS product, then browse down to TV Provider and click it. Then, the Provider is selected from the listing, and signing in must be done with the correct details. At present, there are 5 TV providers compatible with SSO integration encompassing CenturyLink Prism, Dish, Hotwire, Sling TV, GTA, etc.

The users, after logging in, can observe a collection of apps that they have authorized to get subscriber data and identify many more apps compatible with SSO.

Initially, the start off with a supportive app, click on Sign In, with Allow succeeding it. If users are already logged on, they don’t have to sign out if they don’t want to.

SSO Apple TV

Users can access and log in to their preferred cable operator in the Apple TV via accessing Settings, then Accounts, and then TV Provider, where the user details are typed into.

Similarly, as in the case of iPhone and iPad, the Apple TV will display a grouping of presently authorized apps and supply a link connection to the App Store to identify more compatible apps.

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Steps to configure single sign-on on iOS 10

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