State of the Internet of Things

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The IoT, or the Internet of Things, is burgeoning. While the better-known internet comprises humans communicating with one another, the IoT eliminates the human element. Essentially, once it’s all set up, the machines communicate with one another. Therefore, an IoT in your home, in your city, or at your workplace is beneficial.

In practice, an IoT can automate a lot of tasks and processes. It can make life easier, safer, and much more convenient. There’s currently a lot of capital moving around the IoT tech sector. Over 800 companies are working on IoT devices and platforms, and new IoT components come on the market regularly.

The infographic included here gives you an excellent visual summary of what’s happening. We made it to show you what types of technology IoT companies are focusing on, how the money is flowing, where the innovation is taking place, and more.


State of the Internet of Things

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