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Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019

Now that 2019 is actually here, one wonders if all the predictions made for the year will really come to be. It may be too early to tell with January not yet gone, but so much is certain that the online digital world will grow further rapidly to accommodate even bigger business revenues. As for the present, social media is being watched closely because there lies the key to business success. The visibility that every brand wants has much to do with social media awareness and putting the text and the videos in the right places. Live videos particularly may make up 80% of the online content soon and good articles of 1000 words would attract more readerships with copious details. Social media agency in Melbourne would make the right moves according to the anticipated audience preferences.

The Twitter, Instagram and YouTube story!

Though it has always been a world of influencers, it is predicted to be more so during 2019.  As compared to the celebrities who are endorsed by millions of worshippers, the social media micro-influencers with maybe 10,000 followers would make a crucial difference to product or service recommendations.  Their support would instantly sway large numbers of social media users and brand fortunes could quickly change when it concerns numerous such micro-influencers. Little drops make up the vastness of the ocean.

A personalized 24/7 chatbot experience

The greatest advantage of social media and the online world, in general, is that it is always wide awake, as the law enforcement agencies. In order to keep the users happy, everything is geared to personalized approaches that cater to individuals rather than crowds. Words like You, We and I are found in advertising a great deal. Further, nobody is willing to wait and apps and web pages need to load very fast indeed or the users go elsewhere. Customer support night and day and immediate responses through chatbots would keep the social media world in a frenzy. The social media agency in Melbourne reflects a robustly flourishing sensation like apple orchards at harvest time.

The visual content and live streaming approaches

Repeating the 2018 trend and getting more of it in 2019 is the emphasis on refreshing video content. Live content should be attracting far more eyeballs compared to the traditional documentary or animation approach. Brands that want to make a mark on social media platforms are quickly getting the message. Live coverage for corporate programs, product launches, weddings, and birthday parties are an ongoing feature to rivet loyalty and the personal branding experience.

The private branding magnet

Tiring of technology and logos, machines and the inanimate like the mannequins outside stores, the human face attracts greater attention. Mega companies have mighty established followings perhaps across generations, but the smaller companies need to build loyalty and personal approaches will work best. The owner or leader of the company attracts more attention and builds trust and loyalty rather than the images or logos. Podcasts and seminars would attract dramatic attention.

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Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019

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