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Social Media Narrates Your Brand Story

We may don’t know that but on social media, we often read some stories. In today’s trends, Social media is an amazing tool for marketing and brand building. Social media plays a revolutionary role to make any brand or marketing of any product. Branding plays a huge role to grow your business.

Through Social Media, we can narrate marketing strategy which depends on unique content and information to attract customers. Marketers use this social media tools with the art of storytelling. On social media, storytelling structure is the way to spread your message of the brand. To spread your brand you have to share your journey with the users.

Why done Storytelling matters to narrate Brand? 

As a human psychology, we can understand anything with the medium of story. Story attracts us more rather than any traditional content. Put your brand or product at the center of the story. Make the extra layer of emotion to represent in your story and attract customers.

You have to analyze your brand or product industry, which type of user you want to target, your competitors and the market for your product. In the market, you found lots of competitors or brand related to your business or product. To compete them you have to put your story with uniqueness.

Below is the important point to keep in mind while you narrate your brand on social media:

Explain Your Perspective:

Every story is made with some perspective to show. If this perspective is narrated in a well-structured way then it establishes a good effect on customers. If you demonstrate your story well then there are huge chances to convince customers about your brand.

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It is always entertaining to show or listen to the story rather than advertise.  You have to make in ways that people should stop and see your brand. Combining your brand with the effective idea and powerful emotion enables the audience to not just see but also feel it.

Showcase Your Uniqueness:

Any user doesn’t get interested in your product or business if there is nothing interesting in your brand and content. You have to show something beyond the catchy slogan. You need to show behind the scenes photos or videos. Show snapshots of work areas, production, tips for products. You need to showcase what makes you unique with your brand, product, people, culture.

Don’t be afraid to be creative. Publish creative content to attract customers. Suppose you want to do branding of restaurant or cafe then you have to analyze about your competitors and then make a unique content marketing strategy.

Keep it Current: Be in Trend

Using current news and affairs to inspire your social media post shows about your companies value and allegiance. Most of the brands becoming clever to add news and current affairs in social media post. We know that the first impression is the last impression. So, we have to blast at first.

To show a current trend with creativity and uniqueness you can use some short videos or infographics. Try to empower society with your storytelling and narrating your brand. The journey of the brand depends on its content. The greatest stories are those which target a wide range of people.

Make appropriate use of Hashtags:

Use hashtags which helps to enhance your brand story. Hashtags are not your brand story but hashtags must be related to your brand and products. Whenever you add proper hashtags, then it helps to search engines to find your product or brand.

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You have to find relevant keywords for your brand which you can add to your brand. And don’t use more than one words in one hashtag. You can also analyze the competitors brand, that will help you to find relevant keywords for hashtags. So, appropriate use of hashtags is more important. Even your imagery is best but your hashtags are wrong then it will not help you to spread your brand more.

Use Imagery to Personalize your Brand:

Through imagery, it’s easy to understand every product/situation/scenario. Powerful photography is the best way to describe your product/brand on all social channels. Imagery is most likely to attract customers.

Social Media Narrates Your Brand Story

Use original images to narrate your story because if you use stock images then it will never make your brand impact. Create visual original content and images to make effective brand narration. Make perfection in image size for the different social media channel. Apply visuals in images according to product type and business.

Empower the Society by narrating your Story:

You have to narrate your stories which inspires the community. To attract the customers/user through your branding, Share the journey of your brand. The power of content marketing plays an important role to generate an inspirable brand story.

To empower the community through your brand, you can add some user experiences/ reviews on your site. Advertising doesn’t have the power that the story of a brand has. In the current scenario, Social media is the best way to empower the community. Set a social media marketing strategy to reach a goal.

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Make your words bigger than your Story:

Storytelling on social media almost depends on words. Whenever we narrate the story on social media to empower any community, we use perfect text to show the brand. This original content shows your companies performance and brand identity. Most popular brands always focus on content that they share on social media channels.

It will not an easy task to narrate the story. It takes lots of research to make proper relevant content. To tell your brand story on social media you must be unique and adorable. Your story must be understandable by all average user, if it is not understandable by general people then its not story.

In Conclusion:

The concept of storytelling is an age-old one, then also its hard for some marketers to narrate the story. Every brand has a different way to tell the story. When you tell a story, then you must know that what makes your story good & effective.  One more point is to do interaction with your customers, that makes good impacts for your brands.  Above mentioned points will help you to understand the way of storytelling and narrate it on social media.

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Hiral Ghelani – Guest Writer, Assistant Digital Marketing Executive at Emipro.

Hiral is working in digital marketing and content writing. She writes on topics like startups, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, digital marketing. She helps businesses to grow digitally with a new horizon. In free time she likes to explore new places and talk with different people.

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Social Media Narrates Your Brand Story

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