SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing for Your eCommerce Store

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Email and SMS marketing are still popular digital marketing strategies today, with almost 70% of user preferences compared to other channels. Do both of these techniques will help you grow your eCommerce store? 

Let’s find out in this article, which compares the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches.

Email Marketing

Emails are widely used to communicate with customers. Reaching people via email is one of the most accessible forms of communication – for most people worldwide, email marketing is the channel of B2C communication. Besides, email marketing is a communication channel for many industries, including eCommerce, SaaS, and even the educational field. 

Email marketing is versatile. There are dozens of emails to send: welcome emails, promotions, abandoned cart emails, and more. Therefore, this strategy presents a universal and convenient way to stay in touch with your customers and engage them.

SMS Marketing

SMS is also a prevalent form of communication with customers. Although it is an asynchronous medium, SMS offers a faster and sure-shot method of communication. 

It may help you instantly inform customers about sales and promotions, send receipts, and more.

Email and SMS marketing: Critical metrics

To understand the difference between these approaches, let’s compare performance in mutual metrics:

Open rates 

It measures the probability of a message being opened. The SMS has the edge over the Email for this metric owing to its short and crisp message. Moreover, SMS has the advantage that the recipient need not be connected to the Internet to receive and read the communication. 

Average open rates for SMS are 98%, while for emails – only 20%.

A critical point to keep in mind: a high open rate doesn’t mean the message was read, and the customer responded.


Click-through rate determines the ratio of customers who click on a specific hyperlink part of the received Email or SMS, compared to the total number of recipients. 

Research shows that the CTR for SMS ranges from 14 to 36%, while it is between 7 to 9% for emails.

Delivery rate 

This metric is about whether an SMS or an email has been successfully delivered to the customer or not. In emails, they could be marked as Spam and sent to the respective folder, which may be ignored or ultimately deleted. On the other hand, short text messages have lower risks of being tagged as sp. That’s why SMS has higher deliverability rates.

SMS VS Emails: Pros and Cons Comparison

We can compare these two strategies and determine which one a winner is based on the metrics above. 


Email marketing is the cheaper option since it costs much less when compared to SMS. However, bulk SMS rates are priced higher than sending bulk emails. Also, the longer the message, the more is the cost of sending multiple SMS messages.

Winner: Email marketing

Customer engagement

A single email can convey more than an SMS message. Emails are more engaging. They can contain text, images, attachments, and hyperlinks, which are not feasible in an SMS message. Also, SMS suffers from a limitation in the number of words per message.

Winner: Email marketing


Email filters can prevent bulky and Spam mails from being delivered to the customer. SMS, however, is always delivered, and almost all delivered messages are read within 3 minutes, as per studies.

Winner: SMS marketing

Reading & responding

Response rate and CTR are higher in the case of SMS marketing. However, the probability of reading and responding to an email is lower. 

Winner: SMS marketing

Overall, as you see, these two strategies have their benefits and shortcomings. Ideally, your eCommerce store probably requires combining two (and even adding other strategies like SEO, content marketing, etc.).

If you have a limited budget and focus on engaging customers and marking them loyal in the long term, email marketing is your choice. In case you put informing customers about essential news and data exclusively, SMS marketing will help you.


When choosing the most suitable marketing approaches for your store, start with the goal you pursue and analyze the pros and cons. The combination of emails and SMS works best. 

But if you want to engage your customers, choose emails. If your goal, informing your customers, SMS might be a good choice.

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SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing for Your eCommerce Store

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