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Smarter the phone, smarter the life

In today’s world, science has made our life wonderful, easy and saved us a lot of time. Telephone is one of the greatest inventions thanks to Graham Bell, it made our life easier because it allowed us to cover longer distance in shortest time, it was preferred as the medium of communication then time came when mobile phone became the choice of people for communication which has some more benefits as compare to telephone, main benefit is that its wireless and people can carry it around with them.

Smarter the phone, smarter the life

Since the arrival of Smartphones, it has become the popular choice as the medium of communication. it has changed the world around us. It has had a huge impact on peoples and business because of many things just a tiny device offers. Benefits of Smartphone to humans are

  1. News update

Now we don’t need to wait for channels to break the news to us because we can know what’s going around us and in the world with just one touch we can make wise decisions with it. Example: We can avoid going to dangerous place around us and in the world.

We can get live scores or updates of any sporting event with just one touch.

  1. Apps 

Application store contains lots of useful app like games, educational, business, health, news etc.

These apps can help us take a lot of useful decision. Example: By checking the weather app we can make a decision if it is wise to go outside. With the help of an educational app, we can learn anything we want easily.

  1. Wallet
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Now in the Smartphone, there is an e-wallet app because of which we can make payment with the help of contactless payment which uses NFC technology in a secure way, with it we are connected with our bank account. Its saves a lot of time as it handles the whole checkout process automatically all we have to do is provide our credit or debit card information.

  1. Communication

We can keep in touch with our friends every time and make some sudden plan just on it.

We can even talk to friends who are far away from us and share photos or videos of any important event with them.

  1. Entertainment

With the help of Smartphone we can watch our movies, cartoons and show on our phone anytime we want. we can even listen to music that we like without the need of listening to the music we don’t like when we were using a medium such as radio or T.V.

  1. Current location

GPS function in it can tell us where we are right now it can help in many ways like when are lost somewhere about which you do not know and also can help us in guiding us to the place where we want to go with the help of Map.

So overall, Smartphones have made us smart by giving us so many useful options from which we can make smart decisions which can save a lot of time and cost. So in today’s world, it is important to have a Smartphone because of what it offers.

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Smarter the phone, smarter the life

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