Skyrocketing Engagement on Social Media

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Skyrocketing Engagement on Social Media

3 Apps For Skyrocketing Engagement on Social Media

Engagement is perhaps the highest goal of businesses on social media. It has a lot of different definitions for brands, but in the end, it represents the actual return on your social media marketing. As much as we would all like to constantly improve this metric, it’s impossible to do without a bit of help.

Today we’re going to look at what engagement means for your business, followed by a look at three tools you can use to enhance and improve this aspect of your social marketing.

What is Engagement and Why Does it Matter?

Depending on your brand’s product or service, and your goals, engagement can mean a lot of different things. In his article on the subject, Jason Falls defines this term as “communicating well enough that the audience pays attention.”

Essentially, this is a measure of how well you can grab your audience and convince them to participate in the conversation via shares, comments, clicks, and so on. High levels of engagement lead to brand trust and loyalty. Ultimately, they also lead to more customers and more sales.

The specific metrics you’ll use to measure engagement will differ from site to site. Consider these options:

Facebook defines it as likes, comments, and shares

Twitter defines engagement as @replies, retweets, and mentions

LinkedIn defines it as interactions + clicks and followers divided by the number of impressions.

Knowing how your platforms to measure engagement empowers you to showcase how your efforts impact the brand as a whole.

3 Epic Tools For Increasing Engagement on Social Media

Now that we’ve established the importance of engagement, it’s time to start increasing it. You’ll be using this engagement to drive traffic to your business blog, which creates leads and paying customers. Check out these three tools for enhancing your engagement on social media.

1. Mention

The best way to increase engagement quickly is to join ongoing conversations about your business or brand. With billions of posts flying by each month, keeping track of everyone that happens to mention your company or your product is impossible.

Impossible, that is, unless you have a tool like Mention. This handy monitoring tool gives you live updates about your brand on social media. You can monitor social media, forums, blogs, and just about anything else on the web.

Using this tool, you can immediately respond or join into conversations as they happen on all of your social media accounts. This also allows for quick customer service if someone is dissatisfied or angry.

Not only will this type of focused engagement improve your brand’s trust with customers, but it will also encourage them to engage with your posts in the future.

2. Canva

It’s no secret that images are excellent for increasing engagement. Studies have shown that colored visuals increase a person’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80% after all. You can find plenty of images online and royalty-free options, but these all lack a certain uniqueness that you could benefit from.

Enter Canva. This tool is an excellent choice for creating unique and stimulating visuals for your social media posts. There are templates within the site that have the correct dimensions for specific platforms and tons of free elements to use.

For these reasons, Canva is also a great place to make a helpful step-by-step infographic for anything from marketing tips to credit repair options. It’s a handy tool, and even if you splurge on premium elements, it’s only $1 per element used when they fall into this category.

3. Pocket

Part of increased engagement also means increased content. After all, if you want to keep your audience engaged, you need to keep showing them unique and valuable content. Unless you’re a machine, you can’t write all of it yourself, which is where content curation comes into play.

Finding and sharing equally beneficial content is just as good as promoting your own. If anything, it helps you build a more comprehensive network and show that your brand is interested in the audience and not itself.

It helps immensely if you have a catalog of content to pull from in these scenarios, and that’s where Pocket becomes incredibly useful. This app can be used on your web browser, your email, and your phone as well.

Anytime you come across something you think your audience would like, you can put it in your “pocket” and save it for later. Anything you save can be immediately viewed again later and used on your social media pages. Through this, you can create a backlog of content to promote and share at a moment’s notice.

Final Thoughts

Social media engagement is the goal of all online businesses. You can harness the power it wields and increases it with these tools by understanding it. So how do you increase your engagement online? Let us know in the comments!

Donna Henderson has worked with numerous companies as a public relations consultant and she’s now bringing her decade of experience to others so they can better connect with their communities.

Skyrocketing Engagement on Social Media

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