Six Popular Web Design Trends To Watch Out For

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Six Popular Web Design Trends To Watch Out For

It seems nearly impossible to hook visitors to your website with a traditional design in an ever-changing digital landscape. To leave an enduring impression on your visitors, you need to follow the latest web design trends. Website designers need to be aware of attractive, innovative web design that creates a rich user experience. Many website agencies are also working towards introducing inspirational and trendy web design for 2021 and ahead. Increasingly, these agencies aim to simulate reality with the websites. Your target audience or clients expect to see something new and unique that makes them stay longer on the website. That’s why optimizing your website and following the latest web design trends is essential. Here are the six promising trends in web design that will win millions of hearts and bring you quality traffic from across the globe.

Asymmetric layouts

A website layout is designed with visual elements to display information that helps engage visitors. Unlike asymmetric design, an asymmetric arrangement has an exciting and more dynamic impact on visitors. So it enables you to stand out better. It helps build a memorable and unique site experience for your visitors.

2021 is the year of fluid or organic shapes rather than straight lines or geometric shapes. That’s because many web designers are more interested in merging the digital world with everyday experiences from physical life. Fluid shapes isolate the folds and sections on your website and allow you to utilize these shapes in your homepage’s background. It offers a smooth user experience to your visitors while delicately captivating their attention.

For a more attractive website, work on the color and size of visual elements before creating your asymmetric web layout. You can also use website builders to improve your site’s design and add new features like blogs, portfolios, analytics, and even an online shop.

Retro fonts

Retro fonts, with their typography and vintage-inspired colors, have immense captivating powers ad look timeless. Many varieties in the artistry and use of style are available in retro fonts. From being cliché and trope to beautiful and bold, retro fonts add spice to your website’s layout. You can use variations in font size and style of your choice and overlap floating elements, visual designs, more oversized typography, and layers. Intelligent use of retro fonts enables you to convey your creative ideas without overwhelming your visitors and with maximum freedom.

Some good examples include New York Moon, Cuban Council, and American Scraps. These fonts are bold, modern, and a cool spin to your website’s landing page, blending traditional elements with contemporary images. That said, do not overdo them and stick to simpler fronts for the actual bits of content.

Parallax scroll animations

The parallax scroll effect is a smooth transition of a web page having both foreground and background elements. You can inspire your website visitors with spectacular animations as they scroll through every section of the website. This popular web trend is not limited to attracting visitors to your website but can also invite visitors to take specific actions. For example, you can use trigger animations by altering the elements’ shape, color, or speed to intrigue your visitors to interact with them. Also, playing around on your webpage with some animated texts, background, or foreground will help leave a stunning impression on your users.

Horizontal scrolling

Horizontal scrolling enables users to interact with different pages on your website uniquely and provides valuable user engagement. Also, it’s a change from vertical scrolling elements and is gaining considerable popularity now. By using horizontal scrolling, users can navigate through the webpage and still be aware of what’s going on the screen. That stimulates response for the users and keeps them engaged and interested at all times.

Many professional web designers play around with various color schemes, and different animated transitions with comprehensive shifted in their website’s layout. They help in making every scroll look similar to a new page. Horizontal scrolling builds an excellent experience for website visitors by coupling visual cues such as arrows in the navigation bar. Remember, the visitors on your website are looking for interactive experiences and not a boring layout.

Minimalistic extremes

Minimalism relies on the less-is-more approach to increase user experience. It uses soft colors and very few design elements instead of bright and bold colors. Current web designers have reimagined this design to bring back this aesthetic trend from 2000 to 2021.

If you like non-generic minimalistic web designs, you can use colorful themes to add clean texts, background colors, and design elements. Another fantastic feature of this design philosophy is that you can merge minimalism with other web design trends you like. For example, minimal parallax scrolling will intrigue visitors to interact with the website’s layout and thus increase conversion.

Modern minimalism, such as neumorphism, increases users’ connection to your website layout to enhance interaction and functionality. It provides depth to simple flat designs by using an extruded, soft look that imitates the format by using semi-flat colors, drop shadows and a digitally clean design.

Videos in the layout

An excellent website design offers a better users experience. You can also achieve this by mixing various visual elements with audio, text, and video. For example, stunning background cinematography can capture the visitors’ eyes and create a great visual experience. A graphical representation can help you showcase your skills and have a lasting impact on your visitors. You can upload videos in posts, add videos in the background, insert interviews and promotional videos to engage your users. Also, it can be a significant design element for one part of your webpage.


Creating a spectacular design for a website that hooks users with more ease is the ultimate goal of many web designers. An aesthetically appealing and engaging design will help to convert more users and bring them back a second time. This article mentions some inspiring trends to look forward to in the coming months. Play with bold colors, use animated texts, and build a clean web design to charm your users and leave a lasting impression on them. Ensure that your website has a fast, responsive web design that enables users to go through your web pages promptly and enjoy a smooth experience.

Six Popular Web Design Trends To Watch Out For