Simple Ways to Add Subscribe Button to Your Site

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Today, many people are looking for information online about your brand. While visitors come to your website for various reasons, anyone interested in your brand wants to know more about your company. Maybe, they want to subscribe to your newsletters, blogs, or any new updates about the company’s brand.

So, with a subscribe button on your website, you will make things easy for your visitors. This is because they will require only a click and fill data to the subscribe form, and they will be getting important information regularly. Remember, the more subscribers you have, the bigger the audience for your brand.

Having subscribers makes it easy to convert them into reliable customers than random visitors. You can use videos, blogs, and crucial content to convince them to buy your brand. That’s why it’s vital to have a subscribe button on your site.

Steps you can use to add a subscribe button to your website

Follow this start-to-finish guide, and you will add a subscribe button to your site without any stress.

 1. Create a subscribe button for your website

A subscribe button is a compact and neat alternative to embed a full HTML subscribe form on your website. So, begin the process by navigating the subscriber list you seek to promote on your website. You can find it on the right side. Once there, click on “sign up forms.”

While on the sign-up forms page, make sure you click on the subscribe button option. It will open a new window, like shown in the picture below.

On your right-hand side, you can see a small blue subscribe button. That’s the default style setting, and you need to start with it. Once done, you may go ahead and see how it will function on your website.

Go on your screen prompt and then click “try it out.” The subscribe form will pop up where you are supposed to provide a test name and your email. When done, click the second subscribe button. That way, you will have completed the process. Never worry about the test details you have given since they won’t appear on your list.

Look at the right hand of your page and find subscribe button code. Go on to copy and paste it into your site. You can do that by grabbing the code now and using it the way it appears. Or you may even click on “make some changes to the button” pressing on that option allows you to customize your subscribe form.

Are you done with form customization? Click the “finish and grab the code” button. That will take you back to the starting page. Ensure to test changes by one click on the demo button. Are you there? Go on and fill the new subscribe form.

Just like in your original test demo, the data you fill on the forms will not appear on your list.

Are you happy with the changes? Then, copy-paste the revised code into any section you would want the subscribe button to your site.

2. Customizing your subscribe button

You may want to change the way your subscribe button appears. It’s easy to achieve that through subscribe button editing. Just look at how the to subscribe editing button will look on the image below.

Any change you make on your right is reflected on the preview plane on the left. There are many changes you can make to your subscribe button. For example, you may change the color of your button from blue to black. The size of your button is also adjustable from the set size into small or large.

Another crucial subscribe button customization option allows the display of all subscribers who are active on your list. If you seek to add such a change, turn it on by clicking on the show’s subscriber count box.

If your visitor has completed the sign-up process on your website, the number of active subscribers increases by showing that the details have been submitted.

When satisfied with the process, you can complete the editing subscribe button by clicking on the “customize the form.

3. Subscribe button from customization

Once you click on your subscribe button form, it will always pop up at the center of the screen. On the form, there is a default title, two default fields. Besides, a name and email are also shown there.

You can make the changes below on your subscribe button form to customize it.

  • Change the tile
  • You may add a summary
  • Select fields to be displayed
  • The label of the button may be changed.
  • Choose language.

Confirmed opt-in list

You may use a subscribe button with the opt-in list. When the visitor completes the subscription process, a verification email is sent to them. 


Follow the above steps and add a subscribe button to your website. Growing an audience for your brand increases the chances of converting them into reliable customers. With a subscribe button, your visitors have an easy way to enroll for newsletters, blogs, and other content related to your brand and company.

Simple Ways to Add Subscribe Button to Your Site

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