Should You Include a Creative Writing Blog In Your Rebranding?

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Should You Include a Creative Writing Blog In Your Rebranding?

If you are a business owner and are looking for an effective and consistent way to market your brand, making a creative writing blog is your best strategy. By using this, you can address potential customers directly and individually. But, again, you know your purpose and identify the audience beforehand. 

It is also proven that creative writing is a great marketing tool since you regularly update your website to keep potential customers engaged in your products. The relevancy of blogging until now is more than it has ever been. The reason behind this is the demand for public relations and communication through any online platform. 

Moreover, blogging lets someone write a strong marketing strategy that builds a personal brand and leads to popularity. Because compared to vlogs or other forms of content marketing, potential customers can skim a blog and get through the main points. This owes that vlogs can consist of 1-2 minutes of video while just skimming blogs can only take a minute. 

Allow these following reasons to inspire you to market your brand through blogging.

  • Drives traffic to your business’ website. This factor is important for many reasons. First, website traffic means many people see your site that can be your potential customers. These people are your number of opportunities to give an impression, share the value of your brand, and build relationships. 

And as long as you regularly update your site and its response rates are high, your rebranding can be successful. Also, keep in mind that reviewing your content before posting it will create a sense of community, mainly using social media platforms.

  • Maintains relevant content. Since you are consistent in updating your blog, you will keep relevancy on every post. So, take time to review the latest news related to your brand or find popular hashtags. 

Being relevant will also build brand awareness, especially if you rebrand or introduce new products. In line with this, you will allow people to recall and recognize your brand. Causing it to be familiar and face decisions whether to buy from you or your competitors. 

For example, your logo is a graphical representation of your brand. The latter should include the deep meaning of your business through imagery, font, color, and background. A brand logo also signifies ownership, values, and the company’s objectives.

Relevancy also represents the value of feedback. Given that your blog is timely, you’re likely to get helpful comments to boost the business’s development. Keep in mind that feedback clarifies the thoughts of customers at the moment. Which you will be able to get if your current blog is well-timed. 

  • Blogs increase sales. Consistently posting relevant blogs that will increase your website traffic will eventually lead to a rise in profits. A brand with a blog on its site has 67% more leads than companies. This is in particular with businesses that don’t rely on time and effort to market their brand and establish connections with new customers. 

On the other hand, your existing customers can also be repeat buyers if you have correctly done your website blogs. They may even be your brand ambassadors because of the impact you form on your products. 

  • Serves as social media content. Internet and social media platforms are everywhere. As a result, it became one of the essential digital marketing features. Social media allows business people to engage potential customers to buy their products. 

The exposure of your brand is vital to the success of the company. And you can attain that if you have a profile on social media where you can share all the intangible or tangible abilities your products have.

Should You Include a Creative Writing Blog In Your Rebranding?

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