Shopify to Enhance B2B Commerce

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Shopify to Enhance B2B Commerce

Today’s contribution of B2B eCommerce to the global economy is far more than B2C. So what you need is the right platform to fortify B2B eCommerce further, and Shopify Plus seems the right solution at the present moment.

Shopify to Enhance B2B Commerce

So let’s learn how it could be.

A Transit from B2C to B2B Ecommerce

The prevalence of eCommerce started with the B2C business model for online shops. We have passed an entire online business era in B2C transformation. Recent trends towards B2B eCommerce support our maturity for B2B adaptation.

Contribution of Advanced B2B Ecommerce Platforms

Advancements in B2B eCommerce platforms thanks to the advent of eCommerce development technologies and increased tech-savviness of B2B consumers. Today, the modern eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus, can provide a customizable B2B storefront with quick setup features.

High-end security features in B2B customer portals like Shopify B2B have broken several myths regarding various security aspects. For instance, high volume B2B transactions, the privacy of B2B customers, personalization, and data privacy like sensitive matters have been resolved with gated wholesale channels and advanced authentication and authorization technologies.

Contribution of Evolved B2B Buyers

An online statistic revealed that 93% of B2B buyers prefer online deals instead of messing with sales representatives and vendors in face-to-face meets. In addition, more than half of B2B buyers are looking for new yet safe and rewarding ways to make B2B purchases.

I have studied the features, functionality, and other offerings of the B2B eCommerce Shopify Plus platform and concluded that it is the most appropriate platform for today’s B2B eCommerce needs.

Shopify Plus is an Ideal B2B eCommerce Platform.

To back my claim regarding Shopify for the B2B platform, I would like to cite three kinds of offerings by the platform.

  1. B2B eCommerce features of Shopify Plus to acquire new customers.
  2. B2B eCommerce features of Shopify Plus for selling at the bottom of the conversion
  3. B2B eCommerce features of Shopify Plus to retain acquired customers.
  4. B2B eCommerce features of Shopify Plus to provide excellent B2B customer experiences.
  5. B2B eCommerce features of Shopify Plus to acquire rapid eCommerce growth.

Let’s check this one by one.

Acquiring New Customers:

  • Shopify Plus offers an opportunity to provide supplier-agnostic content. It is well-versed in the eCommerce business, and shoppers or eCommerce visitors arrive on the site or app to solve their problems.
  • The ability to create an instant account with Shopify wins the favor of B2B merchants, hence, customers. Instant gratifications by providing them personalized content, as well as offerings, are prime reasons behind it.
  • Easy sync with existing admin and marketing integration to boost personalization experiences for B2B buyers.

Selling at the Bottom of Funnel:

  • By offering flexible and multiple product catalogs and pricing lists as features.
  • By offering advanced on-site search with intuitive and robust features.
  • Layered navigation using various product attributes, including product numbers, part numbers, and generic or technical names of products.
  • Multiple purchase options allow customers to pay via modern to traditional payment methods such as instant online payment, creating invoices, and paying through drafts.

Features for B2B Customer Retaining

  • Mobile-friendly and customizable B2B Shopify storefront.
  • Intuitive self-service for reordering and management module.
  • Low maintenance with no upgrade means and no hustle-bustle for upcoming updates or re-platform.

Excellent B2B Buying Experiences

  • Shopify allows the addition of a custom domain to your B2B storefront. You can have your primary and different domains from your online store.
  • Shopify Plus offers automated onboarding with account signup controls. So, you can shorten the consumer acquisition process and increase conversion, besides cutting interaction with unqualified applicants.
  • Shopify allows the creation of wholesale web pages on your B2B customer portal to boost B2B communication.
  • Globalization features include support for multilingual Shopify web pages and multiple currency exchanges.
  • It allows discounts with volume pricing by product.

Shopify Plus to Acquire Rapid B2B Ecommerce Growth

  • Shopify Plus offers the best B2C eCommerce features and functionality for B2B customers.
  • It encourages customer ratings and reviews because they indirectly validate your B2B eCommerce business.
  • Shopify offers traditional spreadsheets and faxed order forms-like features by removing additional bells & whistles from the modern B2B shop.
  • You can close deals instantly or gradually by removing the head of the deal breakers at the right moment.
  • Shopify Plus is a consumer-centric B2B platform rather than product-centric. So, it allows you to create features that can educate buyers about their problems, not the product you sell at first; later on, it helps consumers select the right products to answer their problems or queries. Finally, provide awesome customer support in the post-transaction phase.
  • Shopify B2B can respect thousands of law-of-lands or jurisdictions at a time, offering payment options, the privacy of data, and taxes or levies.
  • You can integrate live chat with AI capabilities like Chatbot with your Shopify Plus storefront. Similarly, you can leverage AI, AR, and VR as useful technologies by seamlessly integrating your Shopify for B2B business.
  • Shopify provides custom B2B eCommerce portal experiences by supporting various optimizations like search engine optimization, product page optimization, conversion optimization, and social media optimization.


Shopify Plus is complex to grasp at first glance, but with the help of the right team of Shopify developers, you can gain the most answers for your B2B eCommerce requirements in a custom Shopify solution.

Author bio:

Eva Buyers is the Delivery Manager – Startups, Digital Experience, and Commerce at Perception System Pvt. Ltd., a software & IT solutions company. She has helped several global aspirants set up their wholesale B2B E-commerce stores through Shopify Development.

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