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Shopify Marketing

Shopify is one of the eCommerce platforms that has revolutionized how people do business online. The platform provides merchants with powerful tools to have an entirely functional eCommerce store.

With a few drags and drops, template selections, writing, and set up, anyone can have an eCommerce store using Shopify.

Because of this, thousands of businesses call Shopify their home, and people have already given a pre-empted trust to stores that use the platform.

However, this means that many businesses like yours use the same templates and setup, making your brand look like everyone else’s.

This is why to stand out in the Shopify crowd; you should make extra efforts in marketing.

So how do you do marketing on this eCommerce platform?

Here are the essentials of Shopify Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO

Like any other website, a Shopify website needs elements that will help quickly bring people to do what you want them to do.

The way you will make your website users become shoppers and customers will heavily depend on how easy you make it for them to use your store.

Suppose you have complex navigation, unprofessional-looking design, zero transactions security, poor loading speed, and other factors that make up a lousy website. In that case, no one will like shopping in your store. 

CRO is the process of improving all of your website’s elements so that it is a pleasurably convenient thing to use. It uses A/B tests to see if the kind of audience you have will approve of your website’s designs, processes, and elements.

With CRO, you will be able to improve the copy, navigation, checkout, and all elements of your website.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of making sure that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DuckGuckGo, and others will know to show your website’s contents when someone does a search using a query related to your business.

For example, if you sell shoes in London and someone uses the keywords “shoes in London” as a search query, your website’s contents should appear on the search results page.

You can optimize your content to show up in searches by using the right keywords in the right way. So you will have to figure out what words people use to look for products you sell and integrate those into your web pages’ copy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is engaging prospective customers, web users, and clients via email so that you can eventually entice them to purchase from your eCommerce store.

For example, you can send people who barely know your business newsletter emails that show them who you are, what you do, and what they can benefit from engaging with your brand. Then, when you can establish trust in your expertise, it will be easy for you to offer them something to bring them to buy from your store.

Another example is when shoppers abandon their carts on your website. Cart abandonment is a common problem for all eCommerce websites and accounts for 25%-80% of lost sales.

To combat this problem, you can use email marketing in a particular way. You can send cart abandoners an email reminding them of the cart they left and what benefits they can have by proceeding to finish purchasing them – and with a promo code to entice.

There’s a problem with email marketing, however. When you do it wrong, you won’t only not get results but lose some reputation – people will associate your brand with spamminess and irrelevance.

Another challenge is that emails are not a simple task to make. You will have to craft hundreds of copies and implement hifalutin automation, which you cannot fit in your schedule as a busy enterprise owner.

Plus, with the digital world bringing people email fatigue, your emails might get deleted.

But what should you do to recover your abandoned carts when emails don’t work?

The answer is SMS. Yes, the OG messaging system will work wonders.

With SMS, you give people a vital message that’s short enough, so it doesn’t annoyingly “waste” people’s time. Also, they work with push notifications, telling consumers that they have a message even when they’re offline or not checking their emails.

The best thing about SMS is an SMS Shopify abandonment cart that you can use. And that app is Winback, an innovative SMS marketing tool that seamlessly integrates with your Shopify eCommerce store.

With Winback, all you need is a little bit of setup to integrate the app with your eStore, and you’ll sit back and watch the tool work wonders. In addition, it will send timely and exciting offers that consumers can’t say no to.

It uses monitoring and behavior-tracking tools to perfect what messages to send and when to push them so that you can effectively “win back” users who abandoned carts on your eCommerce store.

Shopify Marketing

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