SEO for Your Dental Office: 4 Tips for Improvement

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SEO for Your Dental Office: 4 Tips for Improvement

Invest in professional dental office SEO services to make your future as bright as your patients’ smiles. Optimizing your dental practice’s website becomes imperative as more consumers begin to search online for the products and services they need. Discover four of the best SEO tips for dental offices below.

SEO for Your Dental Office: 4 Tips for Improvement

1. Localize Your Dental Office SEO Strategies

Competition for a spot on the first search engine results page (SERP) has intensified in recent years, especially in the medical, dental, and legal fields. As a result, digital marketing agencies have adapted their strategies to focus on attracting nearby patients with localized SEO tactics.

No dental practice should expect to compete with the national dentistry chains and governing bodies. The big guys already have the prime SEO keywords sewn up. However, you can still dominate Google’s search results within your own territory if you know what to do. Some of the best local SEO practices include:

    • Optimizing for voice search and long-tail keywords
    • Covering local news events in your blog
    • Focusing on localized keywords, like “dentist in Muskogee, OK.”
    • Splitting your website up into individualized web pages for each location and service

2. Claim or Update Your Google My Business Profile

Enhance your dental office SEO by claiming or updating your Google My Business (GMB) profile. While optimizing your GMB profile is also a local SEO strategy, it’s so crucial that it deserves elaboration.

Whether we like it or not, most businesses have a GMB profile, even if we didn’t create it. Google will take the liberty of creating one for you, so why not seize control of your online presence by claiming your GMB profile and filling it out in its entirety? Some of the most important details of a GMB profile include:

    • Hours of operation
    • Phone number
    • Web address
    • Map location
    • Reviews

3. Tighten Up Your Technical SEO

Most business owners remain unaware of how technical SEO practices can turbocharge a business. Creating the best content and using the best keywords will often take your dental practice where you want it to go. To avoid falling short of your goals, tighten up your technical SEO.

Technical SEO focuses on the user experience and the crawl-ability of your website. You want your users to stay on your page and navigate freely. Likewise, you should make it easy for Google to find your latest content. The most crucial technical SEO factors include:

    • Page speed
    • Broken links
    • SSL certificate
    • XML Sitemap
    • Robots.txt

4. Don’t Just Tell Them, Show Them

Even the best-written content shines a little brighter with high-quality images and videos. But, did you know that you can optimize your embedded media, too? Make sure you create an SEO-optimized file name and alt-text. You should also format your images and videos to keep their file sizes small. Doing so will help with loading speed and reduce your bounce rate.

Now that you know what you need to do to optimize your dental office website for search engines, you should have plenty of actionable items on your to-do list. Start small by claiming or updating your GMB profile and work up to an infrastructure overhaul that speeds up your web page and makes it more mobile-friendly. Your appointment book will be full in no time.

SEO for Your Dental Office: 4 Tips for Improvement

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