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Selling On Amazon Europe

Selling On Amazon Europe – Preparing The DoC

Amazon Europe is a very lucrative trading platform, and as such when you want to trade your products on their platform you have to ensure that your product passes and complies with all relevant European legislation.

This rule strongly applies to all products, but especially products such as toys and electronics that are required to have a CE mark.

Amazon Europe’s excessively stringent rules prohibit them from approving products that are not accompanied by the right documentation. As such they have been known to decline applications without offering any sort of explanation as to why the applicant was declined.

One such document needed and acting as the foundation for the approval of the application is the declaration of conformity.

The DoC is required before you can get approval for a CE mark. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that it be included in the user manual, in the technical file, or with the product being sold.

We will look at Amazon Europe’s requirements for listing a product, as well as the steps you need to take to easily draft your declaration of conformity.

Selling On Amazon Europe

How To Prepare Yourself For Selling On Amazon Europe

As a first step towards applying for listing on Amazon Europe, you have to determine whether you comply with their listing requirements. The following points will help you shed some light on the procedure:

  1. The responsibility of making sure that all documentation is in order, and all standards and policies are complied with, rests solely on you. Therefore you have to educate yourself as adequately as possible, to ensure that you’ve prepared yourself appropriately before you apply to Amazon Europe.
  2. The supplier is not responsible for your documentation. It has been the disappointment of many, who thought that the supplier was going to equip them with all relevant papers, only to be frustrated with long delays at the customs office. The compliance procedure is your responsibility.
  3. All products that Amazon Europe deem risky are subject to stricter rules. These types of products must be pre-approved first before an application for a listing can be made. Some of the products falling under this category are shoes, beauty products, cosmetics, electronics, and jewelry.
  4. All products must be safe, even if they do not require a CE mark. This is to comply with national product regulations. Therefore Amazon Europe will always adhere to stringent safety regulations.
  5. When applying for a product to be listed, most times the additional material is needed. However, Amazon Europe will initiate the dialogue in this regard and will ask for the materials needed. There are instances where the documents can be attached to the application during pre-approval.
  6. Images of the product may be required. However, all such images must clearly show the product, as well as the original packaging, from all sides.
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How To Draw Up The Declaration Of Conformity

When drawing up the declaration of conformity, you might feel intimidated by what might seem like the sheer complexity of the documents. However, if you approach it step by step, it is much easier.

Here’s how we go about it. We break it up into 4 steps:

  1. Go to the EU website and choose a relevant product.
  2. Read through the directive and find all information relevant to the DoC of the product you chose.
  3. Visit this site and download a template relevant to your directive. Fill it in.
  4. Read through your filled in form to determine if you’ve met all requirements.

Step 1: Go to the EU website and choose a relevant product.

The EU website is equipped with documents containing information of all directives. Browse through and locate those directives that are relevant to your product. Note that some products require more than one directive.

If your product falls under more than one directive, you must gather all information in each directive and fulfill all requirements.

Step 2: Read through the directive and find all information relevant to the DoC in the chosen directive

Instead of doing it the confusing way, here is an easy method we use in gathering information of each DoC.

We search for the phrase “declaration of conformity” in each directive. Copy all sentences that include the phrase to a document or a spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet, you want to have two columns. The left column will have the name of the article, whereas the right column will contain the information copied from the directive.

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Read through all information in your right column very carefully, as this is the information that’s most important for each directive.

Step 3: Download a template relevant to your directive

All you have to do now is visit the website linked in the title above or the link below. As you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll encounter various templates. One for each directive.

Download the right template, and start with the drawing of your DoC

Go to this website: https://instrktiv.com/en/declaration-of-conformity/

Step 4: Read through your filled in form to determine if you’ve met all requirements

Your DoC is filled in, but before you hand it in there’s still one last step. Make sure that you’ve completed all other requirements outlined by Amazon Europe.

To get this information, the section on Amazon Europe requirements will be able to help you or the directive for your product.

Selling On Amazon Europe

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