Sample PMP Test Questions – Week of February 21, 2021 – PMP Certification

Although the PMBOK has not been updated, the new PMP test is here and has a different approach. There is more of an emphasis on the three Domains, which are “People,” “Process,” and “Business Environment.” Also, it is expected that about half of the questions will be based on the predictive project management approach, while the other half will be based on agile and hybrid approaches. Therefore, take as many sample questions as you can before the exam since this will train you to interpret questions, find the best solution in a timely manner, and spot the “traps” found in so many PMP test questions. To that end, we will issue free weekly sample test questions to help you prepare for the PMP Exam.

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Sample PMP Test Questions – Week of February 21, 2021

Sample PMP Test Questions – PMP Certification

Following are five sample exam questions to test your knowledge and test-taking skills. The answers are provided below:


 1) A project based on working deliverables (products) that demonstrate value to the customers typically uses the following methodology.

  • Waterfall since the Deliverables are output to the Direct and Manage Project Work process.
  • Both Waterfall and Agile are based on providing valuable products to the client as a measure of success.
  • Agile teams measure results based on delivering working products with demonstrated value.
  • Only a hybrid project management approach will focus on the products to demonstrate value to the customer.

2) The local hospital is building and/or remodeling existing smaller clinics on its campus. However, they are not completely sure of the work to be done and, therefore, the scope is not very precise. Their best approach is to:

  • Force the final decisions regarding the new design work and remodels, then draft an accurate scope, which can be used under a Waterfall project management approach.
  • Because there appear to be some unknowns, adopt an Agile framework and build flexibility in the architectural and engineering designs.
  • Use a hybrid lifecycle employing both a predictive as well as an Agile approach.
  • None of the above

3) In your current Agile project, the team cannot keep track of the work in progress (WIP) as it relates to the number of stories on the project. All previous efforts to try to bring this under control have failed, and your sponsor demands that you bring this situation under control. What might you do to remedy this situation?

  • Kanban
  • Budget Burn Rate
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Lean

4) You have been working on an architectural design project for some months. Before a crucial plan submittal to the permitting agency, you find that several of the plan’s wall dimensions are incorrect. Therefore, you make the necessary changes and corrections before you submit the plans. This is an example of:

  • Preventive action
  • Defect repair
  • Change control
  • Corrective action

5) One of the key components of any project is developing its three key baselines: scope, cost, and time. And usually, you start with scope to determine the related costs and time required to complete the work as agreed. Which of the following is required to assemble the scope baseline.

  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • The Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary
  • The Scope Statement
  • All of the above


  1. Answer c: section 5.4.1, page 61 of the Agile Practice Guide.
  2. Answer c: section 3.1.10 page 29 of the Agile Practice Guide
  3. Answer a: the Kanban board is a WIP management tool. Page 103 of the Agile Practice Guide
  4. Answer d: since you are making the corrections on your final set of plans before submittal, you practice Corrective Action. Preventive action would have avoided the mistake; defect repair refers to product defects, not part of a Change Request. PMBOK 6th Edition, page 112.
  5. Answer d: PMBOK 6th edition, page 156

Sample PMP Test Questions – Week of February 21, 2021

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