Role of Dedicated IP VPNs in Strengthening eCommerce Platform Security

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Role of Dedicated IP VPNs in Strengthening eCommerce Platform Security

E-commerce platforms are increasing daily as people prefer purchasing goods online rather than physically shopping. Therefore, the ongoing demand for online shopping is increasing, which is why companies are working hard to strengthen their eCommerce platforms.

What are the biggest Security threats to eCommerce Platforms?

eCommerce platforms face several threats and limitations. However, the biggest threat an online shopping platform faces is security. With the ongoing technological advancements, online platforms face phishing attacks, data misuse, money thefts, credit card fraud,s and hacking. 

Sometimes the threats are accidental, whereas sometimes, they are purposeful, and sometimes because of human error. The biggest causes of eCommerce losses are as follows:

Fallacious Management

The biggest reason for security issues for an eCommerce platform is poor management. When the management is improper, network and system security are compromised, resulting in big losses. Unfortunately, most businesses do not allocate proper budgets for anti-virus software licenses, resulting in great financial and data losses. 

Price Manipulation

eCommerce platforms are fully automated, which is why they are common targets for price manipulation. Any intruder can slide in or install a lesser price in the URL and steal all the data.

Snowshoe Spam

Spam was very common, but as technology advances,g so are cyber attacks. In addition, a new development known as snowshoe spam has taken place,e, making it hard for anti-spam software to provide security.

Malicious Code Threats

Malicious code threats involve Trojan horses, viruses, and worms. All three are very dangerous for any business and can result in serious losses. Viruses can corrupt the files on your eCommerce platform,m whereas worms can cause severe damage to your business as they are worse than a virus. For a successful eCommerce business, you must protect your eCommerce platform against this malicious code threat.


Hacking is a very common cybercrime that most businesses come across and face serious losses. In some cases, hackers hack the entire system and blackmail business owners, whereas in other cases, hackers hack the system for data. As a result, Ann’s eCommerce business may face serious threats and lose that in both cases.

Wi-Fi Tapping

Usually, users do not ensure their Wi-Fi is encrypted and use the network to share information and personal data. As a result, users do not realize that someone could eavesdrop on the information or data they share. This is known as virtual listening. It does not matter if you are using a personal device or a public network; Wi-Fi eavesdropping can be performed on both and can be the biggest security threat.

Besides the above security threat, an eCommerce platform can encounter various other threats. These include IP spoofing, port scanning,g, and data packet sniffing. All these security threats need a thorough protection plan to protect your eCommerce platforms from major losses.

How can you combat e-commerce security threats?

eCommerce platforms need to strengthen their security to thrive in the future. To combat all the security threats,s there are various steps that a business can take. These include:

  • Adding HTTPS and SSL certificates
  • Installing and updating anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • Securing the Payment Gateway
  • Implementing a Firewall.
  • Conducting a VAPT and maintaining a PCI compliance
  • Frequent data backups

All these steps are essential in strengthening your eCommerce platform security. However, one thing that will solve all the security problems for you is:

Encryption: Effective encryption can transform a normal text into encoded text. This text is then not readable to anyone except for the person who sends or receives the messages.

An excellent solution for all your security problems is a Virtual Private Network. It encrypts and provides a protected connection between the user and the internet. Using a VPN will not only be beneficial for your business, but it will also provide a secure shopping experience for the users.

How can a VPN secure your eCommerce Business?

eCommerce platforms are a common target for hackers as they can get your client information and financial accounts which is very valuable. Investing in a Virtual Private Network will give your eCommerce platform a strong defense system.

Cyber attacks are mostly made through common methods like sending a malicious link through an email, a message, or another way. In some cases, the users are targeted by hackers,s, and they are enticed to click on the malicious website. When they click on a website or link, they infect their device. There are different kinds of cyber attacks and malware attacks. Some want to destroy the receiver’s finances,y whereas others want to put down the website and delete all the data.

A VPN is important in neutralizing various attacks, especially malware, ad links, and hacking. Some VPNs contain threat protection features that help remove malware by scanning every attachment downloaded. Whether you have a big business or a low budget, you can choose a VPN service that suits your budget. For example, you can choose a cheap monthly VPN that offers great services at a budget-friendly price.

A VPN service can secure your eCommerce assets across various networks. It will encrypt the information through a secure tunnel, ensuring the transferred data remains private. Therefore, we advise you to choose a dedicated IP address to enjoy a stronger and more secure eCommerce platform.

Role of a Dedicated IP Address

A VPN service has two types of IP addresses; shared and dedicated. Some VPN providers allow you to choose among these two. However, we recommend selecting a dedicated IP address for your business. It is because a dedicated IP means you are buying a static IP which will be exclusively for your usage only. The exclusiveness of a dedicated IP is enough for you to choose it for your website. However, it has a lot of benefits for your eCommerce business.

It will be only used by you and not by anyone else. It will let you enjoy a secure internet connection allowing your data to route while keeping your privacy. A dedicated IP address for your business will give you extra security and privacy. Along with additional security, you can enjoy the following benefits:

You will not be blocked easily.

A great benefit of having a dedicated IP VPN is that you will not be blocked easily as you will not share the IP address with anyone. You will not be seen with any suspicion by anyone. What happens when you are using a shared IP address? If anyone among the various users using the same IP violates any policies or performs a wrongful act, they get banned, and so do you. 

With a dedicated IP, you do not have to fear facing this problem.

She trusted email services.

When you have a dedicated IP, your email is trusted by well-known email services like Gmail. However, when the email service double-checks a shared IP’s emails, they land in the Spam folder. This was y you could communicate with your clients better, as your emails would not land up in their spam folders.

Secure Online Payments.

A very fruitful advantage you will get as an eCommerce platform is that your online transactions will be secured. As an online business, most of your transactions would be conducted online, which is why online security becomes your top priority. 

With a dedicated IP address, you can limit access to your banking account,t which would protect your money from getting into the hands of cybercriminals or hackers. In addition, a dedicated IP would help you enjoy a convenient online banking experience. Every time you log in from your account, you will be given a unique identity that will give you a protected and convenient online payment experience.

Protected Remote Access.

Some platforms only accept specific IP addresses on their networks to avoid unauthorized network access. If you are a remote client or employee of these platforms, you can get the edge over others with a dedicated IP VPN. It will let you connect through any location and access the resources.

Continuous Web browsing.

A dedicated IP address will let your eCommerce platform have uninterrupted web browsing, and any websites will not block it because of unsteady locations. In addition, you will be able to combat fraud and theft by using a dedicated IP.


Security threats are common for eCommerce platforms and result in major data losses. A dedicated IP VPN is one of the best ways to combat such threats. It lets you have a unique IP not shared by other users, giving you privacy and security.

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