Responding To Negative Online Reviews

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Did you know that 9 out of 10 customers are likely to read reviews before choosing a business? This is why having good online reviews is essential for your business. But what about negative feedback? Obviously, no one wants to receive criticism or complaints; the fact is that bad reviews can be good news for you and your business.

Negative reviews are inevitable for any business, even if you have only positive comments thus far. At some point, a customer will be less than pleased with your service or experience and post a negative review. However, this isn’t the end of the world for your business. In fact, if an organization’s reviews are all overly positive, review readers may question the authenticity of the reviews and your ratings.

Negative reviews tell consumers what may go wrong with your product or service and how your company reacted to the situation. Responding immediately is smart; it allows you to address the customer’s concerns and hopefully salvage the relationship. Read comments carefully and reply in a way that is genuine and on-brand. Investigate the incident further, if necessary, so that you know what happened and can understand the circumstances of the misstep.

When responding, apologize, and thank the customer for his or her feedback. Avoid being defensive or making excuses. If the exchange becomes heated, offer to take it offline. Your goal is two-fold: to save the customer’s relationship and demonstrate to potential customers through your response that you are committed to keeping clients happy.

Remember that every negative review is an opportunity to get feedback on your restaurant. Respond to each comment personally and thoughtfully, and it could help market your restaurant. Potential customers will see that your restaurant may not be perfect, but you are willing to take responsibility for mistakes and work to make things right. For more tips and information on how to turn a negative review into a positive, check out the accompanying resource.

Responding To Negative Online Reviews