Psychological Tactics for Impact Marketing

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Modern commerce is fiercely competitive. Today’s brands struggle unremittingly to distinguish themselves from opponents.

As a result, many contemporary marketers use psychological tactics to stand out among the competition. By using psychological tactics, marketers engage potential buyers in a way that addresses the increasing need for consumers to form an emotional relationship with brands.

No longer do businesses compete using facts and features. Now, marketers create connections using emotions.

In a volatile marketplace, businesses must establish a loyal following. To do so, retailers use emotional branding to appeal to customers’ aspirations, dreams, needs, and ego.

Emotional branding is a vital marketing tool for creating consumer loyalty. Increased loyalty driven by emotional branding translates into increased sales.

In an intense business environment where the competition for consumers’ attention is often ruthless, emotional branding is a compelling and strategic psychological marketing method for winning the hearts and minds of consumers.

Psychological marketing tactics address consumer experiences, identity, feelings and the desire to create. By appealing to consumer senses, sharing impassioned stories, supporting consumer causes and empowering potential buyers, brands win buyers over. Not all of these methods work in all instances, but when combined effectively, they create a potent mix of sentiment that builds brand loyalty.

This guide provides detailed insights and resources on the following topics:

  • Understanding how the buyer decision process works
  • How to take advantage of impulse purchases
  • Using colors to increase purchase behaviors
  • How to stimulate senses & evoke emotion
  • Creating ultimate brand experiences through omnichannel marketing

The following infographic, developed by the University of Maryville Online Degree Program, reveals more enlightening information about effective psychological marketing tactics.

Psychological Tactics for Impactful Marketing

Psychological Tactics for Impact Marketing

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