Proven Methods to Significantly Improve Your Email CTR

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With the pace of innovation and the availability of innumerable resources, Marketers today are nothing short of anything. Popular companies across different marketing categories, including SEO, video marketing, social media, email marketing, and dozens more, exist in the competitive environment. But just one category tends to perform well year after year. And that is Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is a prominent way of sending a commercial message. It helps to maintain a connection with your current customers, potential, and everyone else crucial to your business. This effective marketing tool is used to build trust with customers over time to turn them into premium customers. Moreover, it is a suitable way of keeping the customers informed about the new trends, sales, and promotions you’re running. The use of email marketing doesn’t restrict these advantages only. This email marketing serves the most critical purpose of Email Click-through Rate (CTR).

Email CTR measures the percentage of people who clicked on your mail in an email campaign. This technique shows how many people are opening your email, engaging with it, and taking desirable actions. The average click-through rates differ from every Industry. There is a requirement for more clicks to generate more revenue, which leads to more traffic to your website and more registrants. For this, the Business makes use of several proven ways to improve its Email CTR.

  • Focus on a single Objective – Best practices dictate that it is best to have a sole clear objective per email. When you fill your email with multiple goals and call to action, it leaves readers confused. They don’t know which action to take and leave the email doing nothing. Therefore, while designing the emails, it is necessary to keep your focus and energy in the same direction to draft an email with a single objective.
  • Segment your Audience – The best offers and email designs for your service won’t work if your subscribers aren’t aware of its relevance. To increase Email CTR, segment your audience into groups based on demographics, behavior, and purchase history. This will ensure that emails are relevant and will have a positive impact on CTR.
  • Create an eye-catching Subject Line – Subject Line is the crucial factor responsible for opening emails. People open the email based on the subject line, defining the purpose of an email. If they are disappointed with the subject, they will either mark it as spam or hit the unsubscribe button. Writing email subject lines that arouses curiosity, asking questions, or using a factor of missing out creates the subscriber’s interest.
  • Personalize your Email – Personalization is proven as the best way to boost Email CTR. Incorporating the data in your email related to subscribers helps in acquiring attention. All the information in terms of name, age, or location can be used to create a personalized email campaign. This will create relevancy and engagement, which will help in improving Email CTR.
  • Remove the Distractions – The layout and look of an email are what influence the subscriber. The Well designed layout of an email improves how subscriber takes content and respond to it. Having multiple designs and things in a single email annoys the subscriber and lowers the Email CTR. An email should be in a single-column layout, short, and the proper hierarchy.
  • Ameliorate your CTAs – The Call to Actions might appear as a small part of the email copy, but it significantly impacts Email CTR. Nailing your CTA with an action-oriented goal, compelling language, conveying value, and an accurate test button increases the chances of a click. CTA Placement is also crucial. Placing it on the right of the email increases its significance and email marketing click rate.
  • Build emails Mobile-Friendly – The device type is another crucial way to be kept in mind. Building your email mobile-friendly will improve your email CTR. With this, every subscriber can easily access your emails and click on the link directly on their smartphones. Implementing this way will not let you lose click-throughs from recipients reading your message instantly.
  • Choose the right time – The arrival of email to your customer is significant. If your email arrives when people are busy with some work or don’t have time to see or take action, they might ignore it or delete it. As per the researches, People are most likely to reply between 8 p.m and midnight, no matter where you are. This crucial strategy is to get more clicks easily. Also, Frequency is important while sending the email. Very few will let people forget who you are, and many will make you shift in the spam folder.
  • Include images and videos – Video and Images have the potential to boost email marketing. The idea of sending a plain text is classic and non-compelling. Whereas including attractive images and appealing videos will compel them to click on it. It will also improve engagement in your emails and will focus on increasing Email CTR.
  • Follow up – Once you’ve learned about your subscribers and have solid email delivery knowledge, it’s time to measure the result obtained from it. Follow all the steps ensuring accurate timing, including images, appropriate layout, straightforward subject line, and a single objective. Following up is a good activity of increasing the chances of the email being opened and clicked.

Email Click-through Rate can be improved in multiple ways; the utmost thing to be kept in mind in marketing that email marketing is a significant tool to maintain a relationship with subscribers. The more you realize their needs and provide a solution, the more chance of clicking on it. Marketers also go for Digital Marketing Course to learn these tips. The tactics explored above are easy to implement with the right marketing strategy in place. Without clicks, there is no CTR which means no revenue generation.

These ways will help you make strategic changes in your email that will boost your engagement, ROI, and Email Click-through Rates.

Author Bio: Naina Bhatia, a freelance journalist and social media enthusiast. She is working to broaden her horizon, and in that direction, she creates unique content that will add value to readers. She has dealt with a host of writing projects, including blogs, articles, SEO writing,  business plans, social media writings, and gain actionable insights that she presents through her writing. She also conducts a Content Writing Course to educate people on the tactics of writing. She intends to get her blog and articles published on credible and reputed websites.

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Proven Methods to Significantly Improve Your Email CTR

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