Pros and Cons of Online Learning

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By sitting in the home, get the education if you have internet. Online learning systems have many Pros and Cons. But, before starting the discussion about these, first, we learn what the online learning process is?

Online Learning Process:

Online learning is how a student can take their class from anywhere if they have internet access. This education is taken on the internet. The other name of Online learning is e-learning. This process of learning is working nowadays because of the situation of COVID-19. All the people are quarantined in their homes, but with the help of this online learning system, there is no hurdle come in the process of education. Students can learn many learning and fun activities from these platforms. Although the online learning system does not replace the environment of physical classes completely, they keep the students in touch with their studies.

The widely used apps for the online learning system is OpenLearn, edX, SoloLearn, Udemy, Khan Academy, Zoom, Google Teams, and Codecademy. This system is not the best system for providing education but not bad. So let’s start explaining the pros and cons of Online Learning systems.

There are many types of E-learning, e.g., Fixed E-Learning, Computer-assisted instruction, Interactive online learning, and many more. Reading a Quran with good pronunciation is very important. Quran is the holy book of a Muslim. Many online Quran tutors are teaching the Quran by using the internet via different platforms. So, if you want to learn online, then go and search for an online Quran tutor.

Pros of Online Learning:

Online learning keeps the student in touch with the education system. It is best for girls who have no permission to go outside. This system of education is flexible, convenient, get individual attention, skills of the real world. By sitting at home, you can get an education from the higher universities abroad. Moreover, you get a chance to stay in contact with interesting people around the globe.

Online learning is long learning and cost-beneficial. Students are free to take a class and done assignments when they are available. The main problem of physical class bullying is reduced. There is no outside distraction, no fear of anyone’s judgment. It is the best platform for the student who feels embarrassed while asking any question in the class.

In online learning, students can select the course of their own choice. Communication between students and teachers becomes easy. In the apps, students are allowed to mute themselves to others to stop distracting from the class. You can also learn Quran online from the tutors. Online learning management makes the learning process easy for you. Some of the systems also have premium review options for more detailed features.

Cons of Online Learning:

Physical classes of the students in school are the best way of learning. In the online learning system, students lack to learn communication skills, ethics. Online classes have some benefits, but side by side has some advantages. The students require more attention and time management for an online course. The Online learning systems create a sense of isolation.

Students are independent, and they must be active learners to catch the concept fast. Some lazy students become lazier because no strict instructor is standing on their heads. In the online learning system, you are responsible for your studies, no one else.

It depends on the student’s age that is their age is enough to learn the things from home and on the parents that are they afford or not. Some projects are described by the complete demonstration that is not possible online. Demonstration of the projects online is tough.

Spending much time in front of a screen is not good for the Student’s eyesight and mental or physical health. The behavioral, physical, and emotional presence of the students is important for the student’s nature. For an online learning system, teaching staff must be trained and well qualified. Teaching staff must know the behavioral and academic techniques to engage the students in their studies.

It is a challenging task for the students to take online classes with no internet access and those who can not sit in one place for a long time. Therefore, all of the above-mentioned problems of the students must be taken into consideration while planning for the Online learning systems.


An online learning system is a good process to stay in contact with educational institutes around the globe. Passing the time in front of the screen is very dangerous for students’ mental and physical health. It is one of the types of distance learning that you can get an education from any corner of the world via the internet. Access to the internet is the key element of the online learning system. The physical class system keeps the students active.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

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