Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

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For most people, podcasts are still a new and trendy marketing tool. Although they haven’t been around for that long, they can’t be called “innovation” in marketing. However, their increased popularity speaks for itself — approximately 164 million podcast listeners are expected to tune in by 2024. Those numbers are enormous, illustrating the importance of podcasts as marketing tools.

If you’re spending resources on your marketing plan and strategy (as you most certainly should), you probably have a list of things you already do or have, such as radio and TV ads, social media presentations, printed materials, billboards, gift bags, perhaps even sponsorships, and a spokesperson. And all of that is an entirely valid way of attracting your audience and customers. We are here to elaborate on why you should also include podcasts in your marketing strategy without excluding any things you already use.

Podcasts Help Create a Special Bond with Your Customers 

Podcasts are a pretty intimate activity that encourages open communication, the exchange of ideas, and the development of a community. There is not a brand in the world that doesn’t need that. Providing quality content can make your customers feel closer to you and even help you attract new customers. Moreover, podcasts can help you solidify the relationship and add to the feeling of togetherness, honesty, and transparency. If you’ve been keeping track, the business world is rapidly heading in that direction!

They Are One of the Cheapest Marketing Tools You Can Use

When you look at the scale, the benefits of podcasts significantly outweigh the costs. And in marketing, that carries a lot of importance since the cost of advertisement can be enormous. You need just a quiet room and reliable sound equipment to create a podcast. In addition, the distribution is relatively easy since tons of platforms share podcasts with the world, and they are accessible through any smart device. 

If you are concerned about not investing in this marketing tool, let us ease your worries. Your most significant investment is intellectual — coming up with good topics and speakers, as well as maintaining the momentum once you reach a wider audience and gain more subscribers.

Podcasts Are a Non-invasive, Always Accessible Way to Bring Value to Your Customers

Perhaps the most crucial podcasts trait is that your customers can listen to them, rewind, share, and even use just parts of it anytime they want. They are free to dedicate their time to some other activity, like jogging, doing the dishes, or taking a long bath. Also, you will be providing them with value without expecting anything in return. This characteristic isn’t so common for other marketing strategies. 

If you offer your customers something that matters to them without asking for anything in return, your reach will grow organically. Compare that with, for example, a giveaway on Instagram. You might get a considerable number of followers, but it will significantly decrease after the promotion. In this case, the opposite is exact. It might take a while, but you will start gathering people that will stick around and recommend you to their friends. 

Starting a podcast isn’t nearly as challenging as you might think. True, you would need to dedicate some time and energy, but the investment return can be very high, both in revenue and brand recognition. However, before you start using this popular marketing tool, have a plan or at least a well-thought-out idea of what your podcasts will look like. Then, once you hit the ground running, you can quickly adapt your content, speakers, or format. As always, start by focusing on your customers and what will benefit them the most. The audience will come. 

Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

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