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PMP Certification Exam Online Professional Development Plan PMP Test Prep

Due to 2020’s events, so many tasks and activities became more complicated, yet others became easier and more accessible. For example, 2020 became a great year to go online, learn, acquire new skills, and even pick up a certificate or diploma in the process. This is undoubtedly the case for the Project Management Professional (PMP) and many other types of certifications. However, what I found most surprising was not the online training for the PMP exam but rather the exam itself. When I took the exam back in 2010, I was surprised by how concerned the test centers were with the possibility of cheating. Not only did you have to leave your mobile phone, watch, wallet, and so on in a locker outside of the test room, but also the proctors kept walking around making sure you had not smuggled in a cheat sheet. However, as the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and the pandemic forced the need to have remote testing from home, which significantly excludes previous years. And this change may remain for good as the various test centers have perfected this procedure. You have to have a computer on your camera and ensure that your area is clear of any books, notes, and other “clutter.” A proctor and AI system remotely check-in to ensure you are not looking up an answer or two on the test.

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PMP Certification Online Professional Development Plan PMP Exam Prep

PMP Certification Online Professional Development Plan PMP Exam Prep

However, before you get to the exam stage, an excellent online course can help you adequately prepare to take and pass the exam. And, not only are online courses typically more affordable, but they preclude the need to travel to a classroom somewhere. Also, even live online courses with instructors now offer flexible schedules. Therefore, you can take a course over several days, evenings, and weekends. At PM Workshops, we have found that not only do our clients respond better to flexible schedules since it allows them to better work around their personal and job schedules, but they also learn the material more easily because they can take breaks in between. In other words, they do not always have to sit for 4 to 5 consecutive days, minus intermittent breaks and lunch hours. They can now receive instruction for a few hours at a time. However, we do assign homework and request study time to keep up with the momentum of learning.

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PMP Certification Exam Online Professional Development Plan PMP Test Prep

The follow-up work for online certification, which includes answering hundreds of sample questions and understanding the material, and getting post-training assistance, is also a lot more streamlined now with online access. We have always provided follow-up assistance online at PM Workshops, but now we can reach more people at once since we have more students who start with online training from the start. So, as 2021 progresses, and many distance learning and meeting measures remain, becoming PMP certified has never been easier or less costly. Therefore, consider tackling the exam learning some great new skills, and setting yourself apart with just three little letters: PMP.

PMP Certification Exam Online Professional Development Plan PMP Test Prep

PMP Exam Prep – Tips for Passing the PMP Certification Exam

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