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Rank Up With PBN Domains The Safe Way Using these PBN Do’s And Don’ts

Increasing your rank in Google is one of the main goals of every digital marketer and website owner. With a high Google ranking, you can drive quality traffic with ease, build your online reputation and convert site visitors into paying customers. You can achieve this using numerous tactics, but if you’re after the best link building strategy, then consider private blog networks. But is it worth to buy PBN domains in 2019?

Why Buy PBN Domains

A Private Blog Network is a set of expired domains used in SEO to build quality backlinks. By buying premium PBN domains, you can increase backlinks leading to your main website to generate traffic and increase conversions. Buy PBN domain, and you no longer need to do blogger outreach as you already own authoritative sites linking its contents to your money-making site. You get to monetize the domains by selling links, trading guest posts or selling it altogether. These are what you can get when you find expired domains and make them work to your advantage.

Do’s To Remember If You  Plan To Buy PBN Domains

PBN Domains Improve Google Rankings

Make Sure The Domains Are Worth Your Investment

The expired domains you’ll be buying need to be of good quality and have good domain authority and good Majestic trust flow. The niche of the website itself needs to be related to your main site. Check about the authenticity of the backlinks, making sure they are not spammy in any way. Finally, check if the domain is indexed or not. If not, it means it already received a penalty from Google, making it unworthy of your investment.

Treat Every Domain like A Real Website

Just because you’re buying old and expired domains, doesn’t mean you should treat them differently with your main site. Search engines will only prioritize your domains if you treat them as a real website. Make sure your domains are also user-friendly, have excellent graphics, and you give the same digital marketing support as you do with your primary page.

Google doesn’t only use computers to check every website but employs real humans to check on websites as well manually. They will check your site for the authenticity. Because of this, every PBN domain owner needs to create a fake persona for every site you own. Make sure to complete the about me page, objectives as well as personal information including contact numbers.

It is essential that you make each site look as authentic as possible. You can achieve this by creating a solid social media presence, adding related comments to your website and interacting with followers on site and to your social media pages.

Avoid PBN Footprints

To ensure your PBN network is safe, make sure to leave as minimal PBN footprint as possible. There are many areas where you can minimize your footprints. One of these is your PBN Hosting. With the help of high-quality hosting providers, you can host the Content Management System and manage everything from a single panel. This way, you get to minimize server footprints your PBN will be leaving. It is a must that you host each domain with a different IP address.  Hosting all domains in a single IP address can leave a huge PBN footprint, and is a big no-no when using PBNs.

Don’ts To Remember If You Plan To Buy PBN Domains

Don'ts To Remember If You Plan To Buy PBN Domains

Don’t Use Content Spinners

One of the main reasons why some business gets quality traffic and a high ranking in Google is because of their high-quality and relevant contents. However, if you, on the other hand, chose to do it the easy way, you’ll go against the rules and settle for low-quality content by spinning articles. Many use this with the help of article spinning tools.

Google makes algorithm updates now and then. Thanks to this, they have a reputation for giving their users the best quality of searches. This means every time you search anything in Google, and it will pull up the most relevant content first. This is why relevant, up-to-date and fresh contents are an essential part of your SEO.

The thing is, Google is not that forgiving when it comes to low-quality pages that host little to no value contents. When it detects you have spun contents, blog-posts that are low in quality and scraped articles from other sites, you will receive a penalty or two.

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Don’t Block Web Crawlers

Blocking every bot and crawler will have your site removed from the search engine index. This, in turn, will make you lose your web traffic and is something you don’t want to happen. Besides, only websites that have something to hide will block crawlers. There is no need to block such crawlers if you just set up your PBN networks correctly. The reason being your site will look like a real website despite it being a part of a PBN.

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If you’re interested in buying PBN domains in any expired domain marketplace, know that there are also risks in owning and managing such a network. You wouldn’t want to get caught and receive a penalty, or worse, have your PBN network shut down. Make the most out of you PBNs by buying quality domains. By remembering these do’s and don’ts, you get to build a long-lasting Private Blog Network that can boost your rankings in search engines.

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PBN Domains Improve Google Rankings

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