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Package Theft Trends

“As more and more people turn to the internet for their shopping needs, doorsteps and mailrooms across the United States remain vulnerable.

Package Theft Trends

In Shorr Packaging’s latest analysis of package theft trends, researchers analyzed urban American. The analysis looked at search trends in the largest fifty cities in America and identified where Amazon package theft is most concentrated.

The data is based on Google search volume for the specific phrase “Amazon package stolen,” combined with US census estimates for populations in each of the fifty cities. Topping the list with the highest percentage of Amazon package theft searches in San Francisco, California. According to Shorr Packaging’s analysis, there is one monthly Google search for “Amazon package stolen” for every 4,211 people in the city. The lowest city on the list, El Paso, Texas, has a concentration of one monthly search for every 68,258 people.

Other technology hubs like Seattle, Silicon Valley, Boston and Washington D.C. fall within the top of the list. It’s interesting to note the high concentration of wealth within these cities with high search volumes for stolen Amazon packages, which could translate into more online shopping and therefore packages to steal, or perceived value of the packages.

Shorr Packaging compared its rankings against the FBI’s national crime statistics, specifically, larceny-theft rates in each of the 50 cities on the list. Many cities with high larceny-theft rates also fell within Shorr Packaging’s “Amazon package stolen” ranking as well. For example, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Oakland have high rates on both lists.”

Package Theft Trends

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