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B2B Lead Generation: Why outsourcing is a good idea for your business

Lead generation is a highly critical component for any business entity. Most of the marketing strategies revolve around lead generation services. 85% of B2B marketers believe that lead generation is an integral goal for online marketing. Lead generation is a highly time-consuming process, and there is no particular guide that can help you excel in that prospect. It is even possible that one strategy might work for a business but, the same might fail for the other. This is what makes it more challenging.

If you own a business, you know the grave importance of lead generation. It is, therefore, your responsibility to assess whether you can accomplish the goals of generating effective leads for your business, or you need to outsource the services to someone who can help in fulfilling your goals.

Both the ideas have their advantages and disadvantages, and it rather leaves you in a dilemma between performing the tasks themselves or hiring someone for the process. Opting for B2B lead generation is a struggle. Unless you have an experienced in-house team with you, it is better to outsource such services to companies that can improve your overall processes.

What Does Lead Generation Outsourcing Mean In B2B Marketing?

If you have a business-to-consumer model, lead generation is not the strongest of your points. But, if you are into the business to the business sector, you need to associate with other companies that are looking for services provided by your company. This way, they can find a quality and reliable source for the processes, and you can establish a credible clientele.

But how do you do so?

This is where lead generation experts come into play. They help in initiating the interest of the consumer and businesses into your products and services. Such leads can be used for list building, e-newsletter list, lead acquisition, or B2B lead sales.

The Pros And Cons Of Lead Generation Outsourcing

Before you go in for hiring a good company for lead generation in the UK, you need to understand the pros and cons of both processes.

The following table lists the pros and cons for both in-house and outsourced teams for lead generation.




  1. They have in-depth knowledge of the product and its services. There they describe them better than the others.
  2. You have full control over the process.
  3. Since you have people equipped for the process, you can ask them to go for a deeper analysis of lead generation tactics.
  4. You can track the work progress at any time.


  1. It saves a lot of time and effort on employee management and control. In other words, employee dependency decreases.
  2. You don’t need to divide your in-hour resources for lead generation.
  3. No overhead expenses were spent on office space and workstations.


CONS 1.     Since it is an in-house team, there might be some times when they are not to the best of their productivity. A list of human factors like sick leaves, inter-departmental work, etc., can arise.

2.      This process will also require the attention of your sales and marketing team for every single lead conversion.

3.     you cannot expect your employees to work with the same zeal and enthusiasm every day, disrupting the process.

1.     The outsourced companies do not have entire knowledge about your products.

2.     You won’t be able to monitor every employee’s activity status and progress.

3.     You will not be able to accumulate expertise in lead generation tactics and strategies.

4.     The ideas used for lead generation for your companies can be used later for another client as well.


Reasons Why You Should Outsource B2B Lead Generation Services 

For businesses, nurturing leads can lead to 50% more conversion and sales. Since you will want 100% lead generation, it is better to opt for outsourcing B2B lead generation. Not only is it a cost-effective approach, but you can gain a lot more than your sales team for the process.

  1. Lead generation companies have a wide area of expertise. 

Most businesses think that external companies don’t work as effectively as they have to. Well, it’s not just about making a few calls and contacting a few prospects. Lead generation companies might specialize in not just lead generation. Other services like content marketing, email marketing, SEO, social media lead generation, event promotion, content creation, appointment setting, and much more.

While you might think that you are hiring a company for just sales, you will also access many other services to accomplish your goals. The budget for outsourcing will be far less when compared with the range of services you will enjoy.

  1. They come with experience in the market.

If you are new to lead generation, then probably you have no experience for the same. With no resources, good lead generation becomes a myth. That is where external lead generation companies come into play. They know the right people, have the data, and the contacts, to help you achieve success in your lead generation goals.

Furthermore, they have the staff, equipped and certified, to generate quality leads for you.

With an expert lead generation outsourcing company at your side, generating leads doesn’t seem to be a tedious task.

  1. They’ll deliver you quality results. 

The point of outsourcing such services is to achieve some results. Such companies work on a commission and incentive basis. For per lead they generate that gets converted, they charge a fee for it. This means if they do not deliver you with results, you don’t have to pay them.

Unlike your in-house team, who are salaried employees, external companies work on a commission base.

Moreover, such services offer you detailed reports to help you see exactly how the campaigns are performing and if a certain type of lead generation strategy is functional for your business or not.

 Outsourcing is cost-effective 

Some costs are visible enough for businesses. These include salaries and other incentives. However, some costs are hidden, like medical insurance, meals, sick days, workstation costs, software, if any required. When you outsource such services, you neglect all such costs other than the commission price you have to pay.

This will help in reducing your expenses and investment for resources related to lead generation. Still, you can receive amazing results and conversion ratios.


The true essence of business is cost reduction. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to hire a smaller number of employees or reduce your resource intake.

While some operations should be preserved for in-house departments only, others can be easily outsourced and dealt with a cheaper and more effective team when outsourced. B2B lead generation is one such example that can be outsourced without any disadvantages or hassles.

Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation

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