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In this advanced era where organizations are required to become faster and quicker to meet the needs and expectations of customer requirements of quality, environment, information security, health & safety, and hygiene of food (for the food industries). Organizations without ISO Standards or Certifications

In the light of there is no ambiguity to adopt ISO Standards and guidelines released internationally. Therefore, what drawbacks a company has to face in the absence of ISO standards, guidelines, and certification. Nevertheless, the organization might be doing good following the guidelines of ISO and not realizing them as ISO guidelines.

  • No company can stand long without a management system to stabilize its existence.
  • Contextless companies can never identify their scope of the process, interested parties, and internal and external business processes environment.
  • A baseless business strategy can misinterpret the organizational mission and vision.
  • Without stable leadership, the organization can never stand with its organizational policies and procedures to command the employee’s roles, responsibilities, and authorities.
  • Leadership cannot hold them accountable to its employees (organizational hierarchy).
  • Without objectives and goals, the organization will remain static and not improving at all.
  • Organizations that do not perform a risk assessment for the upcoming worst issues in their business in terms of quality, environment, information security, health & safety, and so on can never stabilize their business demand by making repeated mistakes.
  • Not adopting a proactive approach leads to the destruction of the business.
  • Unprofessional sales planning impacts unprofessional customer attitude and drops sales.
  • Organizations without purchasing strategies cannot select the right resource to produce the best goods or services in the product.
  • Organizations without planning can never achieve the goals come true that are required during production planning and control.
  • Processes failures control during the production provisions by setting the quality plans etc.
  • Controlling of nonconforming output is most important that organizations do not consider fixing.
  • Uncontrolled document and data control systems damage the organization’s policies and processes.
  • Discourage of continual improvement stands organizations alone in the competitive era.

Source of the topic: Global Standards

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