Our goal is to create a training environment that encourages participation, develops soft skills, and provides a voice to every participant—a place to BUILD, GROW, and THRIVE.

We work with you to develop engaging training to meet your requirements and to ensure participant engagement. Our instructors are industry leaders with a passion for what they do. They can pull from their professional histories to offer real-world examples to illustrate their topics.

Your teams remain focused, engaged, and motivated.

Digital Marketing Success with Online Learning

Online Learning for Digital Marketers

Online Learning for Digital Marketers

Online Learning Agile, Scrum, Design Thinking, and more

Regardless of your business’s nature, team members need the necessary skills to grow and manage day-to-day operations. These training are designed to develop both hard and soft-skills for professional development to create efficiencies, reduce employee turnover, and improve the bottom line.

  • Agile and Scrum Foundations – This is a two-day class geared towards flexible projects with quick turnaround demands, such as IT and R&D, where the requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration among cross-functional teams. It is geared towards fast-changing project requirements, which will lead to improved quality control, greater efficiencies reduced waste, and cost savings.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting – This intensive workshop will help you understand the elements of budgeting and forecasting.  It covers the budget formulation process, develops tools for budgeting, and benefits from these tools.  Also, it will include how to control the budget through financial targets and cost control.  It is designed for managers and department leaders that prepare budgets and monthly forecasts.  Budgeting is an organized process of defining its plan and direction in financial terms, which helps allocate resources, set goals, and determine the actions required to achieve predefined goals.
  • Business Case Development – this workshop, typically one to two days long, depending on the client’s needs, helps the participants develop an outline required to decide on the profitability and feasibility of a new project and whether or not to proceed forward. The business case integrates the benefits, costs, and risks of a proposed project to assist executive management in making an informed decision. The business case is a part of the Project Charter.
  • Finance 101: Understanding the Numbers – This intensive workshop will help you understand bookkeeping and financial management concepts. Further, it will assist you in understanding margins, establish financial targets, and control costs. It will help you understand the accounting process and use it to improve cost controls and enhance revenue opportunities. Further, it covers the metrics that drive your business, such as CAC, LTV, and Churn.
  • Pricing Strategies Capturing Value – This intensive 2-day workshop will help you understand the fundamentals of pricing strategies.  It explores the dynamics that go into determining the best pricing strategy that conveys value to your customers. We will cover price setting, psychological influences to price acceptance, price-variance and discount management, pricing strategy and tactics, and organizational pricing-function development and improvement through this process. This course is designed for managers and founders responsible for delivering value and creating profitable pricing strategies.
  • Project Management Foundations – This 3-day workshop is intended for people who want to learn project management fundamentals while not necessarily seeking to be certified. The classroom content will focus on developing the project description (scope) and the associated budget and schedule. Additionally, other critical management tasks shall be included, such as dealing with changes, addressing risks, determining the quality objectives and how to reach them, and dealing with risks and stakeholder management.

Online Learning for Digital Marketers

Online Learning for Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Online Learning

Our experienced trainers have studied and worked in their respective fields in the EU, U.S., and worldwide for a minimum of 20 years before joining PMW. Furthermore, their experience covers the gamut from banking to business/finance to the architectural-engineering-construction (AEC) field to manufacturing and production, and more. Their expertise affords them the ability to contour the workshops to their audience, explain the material in the participants’ industry-language, and provide the participants tools they can use in their day-to-day jobs.

We offer bespoke workshops and facilitation.

Off the shelf isn’t for everyone. While we offer a host of pre-designed training, we understand that there are times when the only solution is tailored-made. Bespoke workshops are designed to meet your organization’s specific needs and allow you to develop towards desired outcomes. We work with you to ensure that this is the right training at the right time for your team.

Online Learning for Digital Marketers

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