Omni-Channel Contact Centers are the Future of eCommerce
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Omni-Channel Contact Centers are the Future of eCommerce

Top Reasons Omni-Channel Contact Centers Are the Future of E-commerce Industry

Cherish your customer and you have someone who remains loyal. Customer satisfaction and services do matter a lot if a company is to grow. With millennials making use of diverse channels, the traditional way a call center works is ill-equipped to promptly handle customer services. This is where omnichannel solutions for contact centers will make a marked difference in the time to come, especially in the highly competitive e-commerce space.

Omni-channel, to define the word, is a confluence of various channels such as social media, WhatsApp, video, voice call, SMS and MMS and email using any devices into a fluid flow of interaction that is highly satisfactory from the customer perspective. A shopper, for instance, could use a variety of channels when searching for a specific product and omnichannel contact center software employed by e-commerce helps them reach out to such potential customers. Over 95% of Americans buy online and they also shop in brick and mortar stores.

Voice is important as always in omnichannel call center software but it is ably supported by other channels. Phones account for 57% of interactions according to a survey and various digital channels make up the rest. WebRTC powered contact center software solutions incorporate the facility of video chatting that enhances communication. Before getting to that stage a millenial, for instance, would prefer to use SMS for a variety of services and SMS could be preferred against IVRs. Sending a text message to a call agent helps get work done. Of course, there is IVR and intelligent, artificial intelligence supported IVRs in omnichannel solutions for contact centers that enable callers to achieve their objective with intelligent redirects.  Some buyers do utilize social media when they wish to buy and knowing about such prospective buyers through the software and interacting directly on the social media platform instead of redirecting them cuts short the time and helps sellers strike while the iron is hot.

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Buyers assume that sellers will respond immediately and if one does not, they might easily switch to another who does so swiftly using omnichannel communications. The software for the call center does make a difference. Antiquated systems that have legacy IVR and voice call systems are just not up to the mark in matching expectations of markets. Omnichannel is the way to go not only from the customer perspective but also for the workforce. It does give satisfaction when an employee in a contact center can satisfy a customer and convert the contact into a sale using the latest technologies seamlessly through a single interface.  That interface need not necessarily be only a desktop; it could just as well be a laptop or a smartphone the employee can use when in an office or out of it.

Experience of the customer and his satisfaction are important factors for any eCommerce or even brick-and-mortar stores and leveraging the power of omnichannel is the best way to ensure a highly satisfactory interaction that leads to sales. Switching to omnichannel software for contact centers is not an option; it is indispensable in the current and future scenarios.

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Omni-Channel Contact Centers are the Future of eCommerce

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