Most Popular Node.js Frameworks for Web Apps in 2022

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Most Popular Node.js Frameworks for Web Apps


Node JS is a cross-platform, open-source, Javascript-based runtime environment for deploying or executing programs. It is widely used for writing server-side applications and web apps. Businesses can hire dedicated nodejs developers and make sure to create custom applications as per their requirements. 

For this, there are plenty of Node.js frameworks available. Therefore, businesses have to choose the most suitable one for their project. Here, we have mentioned some of the most renowned Node.js frameworks of 2022. 

But before we look into that, let us brief you about Node JS frameworks and their use! 

What are Node.JS frameworks? 

If you are familiar with Node JS, you would know that it is not a framework but is often confused with being one. Instead, it is a JS runtime environment for developers to execute or run codes on the server side. 

However, a framework is used for writing codes and functions for developing software or web applications. Thanks to the immense popularity of Node JS applications (as evident from its use in developing renowned apps like Amazon, eBay, LinkedIn, PayPal, Tumblr, Reddit, etc.), several developers have built frameworks for Node.Js. For instance, Meteor.js, Express.js, Nest.js, etc. 

Such application frameworks are referred to as Node.js frameworks and can be segregated into three kinds – 

  • MVC frameworks – Adhering to the model, view, and controller architecture, such frameworks ensure better maintenance and scalability. 
  • REST API frameworks – Irrespective of the architectural style, developing faster applications is made possible with Rest API frameworks. 
  • MVC full-stack frameworks are perfect for building back-end and frontend web applications. Developers can utilize the capabilities like template engines, libraries, scaffolding, etc. to create real-time applications. 

Best Node.Js Frameworks for Creating Web Apps in 2022 

  • Express.js

Type – MVC framework 

Express or Express.js is one of the most renowned nodejs frameworks we have. The framework was launched in 2010 and can be easily learned by developers with decent knowledge and experience of Node js. 

Key features – 

  • Fast server-side development with the help of rapid programming packages. 
  • Asynchronous programming helps execute numerous operations independently. 
  • Improved testability. 
  • HTML pages dynamic rendering. 
  • Effective routing. 
  • Easy debugging capabilities. 
  • Effortless content negotiation for improved client-server communication by adding HTTP headers for URLs. 
  • Easy setup of middleware for handling HTTP requests. 

Best utilization – 

Equipped with advanced capabilities (powerful routing, error handling, templating, security, etc.), Express.JS is suitable for developing enterprise applications and web-based apps.  

  • Meteor.js 

Type – Full-stack framework 

Meteor uses only one language, and that is Javascript. It is an isomorphic, open-source JS framework available since 2012 for use. Its rich libraries, automatic data changes, smooth client-server communication, and live-to-reload features make it an ideal choice for node.js development

Key features – 

  • Seamless coding in the modern, isomorphic JS framework. 
  • Effortless integration with numerous frameworks. 
  • Quick server-client interactions for faster execution. 
  • Rapid prototyping with command line interface. 
  • Supports cross-platform development. 
  • Huge community support. 
  • Custom package manager. 
  • Live reload. 

Usability – 

Whether it is cross-platform mobile applications, real-time apps, or web apps, Meteor.js is the perfect Node JS framework for you if your developers are well acquainted with Javascript. In addition, the framework is suitable for developing apps with shorter deadlines. With the framework, you also have the option to make live updates on the application without interrupting the user session. 

  • Nest.js

Nest.Js is compatible with TypeScript and combines OOP (object-oriented programming) and FRP (functional reactive programming). As a result, it is an excellent tool for developing highly scalable, flexible, and time-saving applications. 

Key features – 

  • Smooth learning curve. 
  • Systematic code arrangement makes it easier to use external libraries. 
  • Highly compatible with the Angular frontend framework. 
  • Easy to use command line interface with modular features and structures. 
  • Dependency injection container. 
  • Testability. 
  • Binary modularization. 
  • Clean code architecture. 
  • Highly compatible with other JS frameworks like Express, Fastify, etc. 

Usability – 

Since the JS framework Nest.js has been written using TypeScript, it addresses many concerns of Node JS. It helps create easily manageable, scalable, and highly secure applications. 

  • Koa.js 

Similar to the Express framework is one of the many advantages of Koa as developers can easily get started. Besides this, they are lightweight, can help create APIs, allow personalized content for eStores, enable multiple image formats, and more. 

Koa.JS framework provides developers the much-needed flexibility. So, when you hire node JS developers, you can ask them if they have experience working on such platforms. 

Key features – 

  • Exceptional error handling. 
  • Content negotiation and proxy support. 
  • Simple to maintain code. 
  • Normalized node inconsistency. 
  • Customizable & future-proof. 
  • Cascading middleware. 
  • The framework allows one to develop apps from the ground up. 

Usability – 

Koa is lightweight when compared to the Express js framework. In some cases, it is even seen to be faster than Express. Therefore, it is the best development option when the app’s performance is your major concern. Furthermore, Koa.js is the best option because of its high customization feature, whether it is an extensive or enterprise app. 

  • Total.js 

Amongst all the Node.js frameworks, Total.js is the most flexible one. It provides a CMS or content management system-like experience to developers along with a plethora of advanced features. 

You can use multiple versions of the framework, from CMS to helpdesk and Eshop. With multiple variants available for Total.js, businesses have much scope with IoT integration, fast apps, REST services, etc. 

Key features – 

  • API testing option available. 
  • Real-time tracking. 
  • Compatibility with several databases. 
  • Option for project auto-discovery. 
  • Compatible with numerous frontend frameworks. 
  • Rapid development. 
  • Lower development cost. 

Usability – 

If you are working on a strict deadline and need to develop web apps quickly, then Total JS might be of extreme help because of its CMS-like properties. It provides high customization options, eCommerce web development, real-time collaboration, and cloud services to help create efficient web apps.


Node JS frameworks can be of multiple kinds based on the architecture pattern. However, they serve the same purpose of developing robust, secure, and customizable web applications. These Node.js frameworks mentioned above are some of the best ones you can use in 2022. So make sure to choose the most suitable one before you hire NodeJS developers. 

Summary: Node.js frameworks provide the Node.js environment with the needed platform for writing codes and functions efficiently. Here, check out some of the most popular node.js frameworks anyone can use in 2022 to build robust apps.

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Most Popular Node.js Frameworks for Web Apps

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