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Mobile application or mobile apps as they are called in common lingo are so embedded in our culture that can’t imagine our day to day functions without them. Getting a quick ride to the office to getting the dinner delivered at night  – apps are the common platform for this all.

Forget the day to day functions even for leisure, entertainment, and shopping,  we are dependent upon mobile apps. Amongst these mobile apps gaming apps are the one with most hits (downloads).  The reason is that they cater to the needs of wide audience base (form children to adults and even elderly). This probably explains the demand for mobile game developers especially for their skills like HTML 5 mobile game development, Java mobile game development, Python game development, etc.

Well, irrespective of the genre of the mobile app one fact is clear that mobile app-based demand and service delivery is a new normal of this era. Consequently, mobile application development is normal in the domain of programming. Ever thought what goes behind creating such apps? Even if you haven’t and are thinking of it now then no issues as we are going to discuss what all it takes to get a mobile application built. Let’s go.

Get The Basics Of The Game 

To start with the mobile application development (and for that matter anything new) you need to first get the theoretical aspect of it. Basically your focus shall be on knowing the types of apps that are created/developed as a part of the programming framework. Basically, there are three types of mobile applications:

  • HTML 5: HTML 5 mobile applications are the ones developed using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. One big advantage of these kinds of apps is cross-platform compatibility. That’s what makes them one of the popular and in-demand types of apps.
  • Native: Native or platform-specific apps are the ones that work on only a particular type of Mobile OS say Android, Windows or iOS.  This kind of apps can be easily developed using the tools available for specific platforms like Android Studio, Visual Studio, etc.
  • Hybrid App: As the name suggests these are the hybrids or mix of the above-mentioned types of mobile apps. Here the apps are designed using the native system approach and tools however; there is an option for developers to write HTML 5 applications.

Command Over Language   

As we saw in the types of mobile applications above to develop a mobile app you need to have a good command over one or two programming languages. For a beginner good command over languages like C++, HTML is what that would work. Later on, one can add Java, Python, PASCAL, COBOL etc in their skill set.

Pay Attention To The Designing Part

There is one misconception that developers don’t have to pay much heed on designing part of the app. However, as an app developer especially, a full-stack developer one must pay attention to the interface design and development part. Here the challenge is to put the user-friendliness aspect of the interface design in sync with the backend programming. That’s where you need to know the basics of app designing.  So, get that skill added before you step into the app development domain.

Learning Through Doing  

Last but surely not least learn by doing it yourself. Once you start with mobile app development you would come to know the challenges in it and how to overcome these challenges. For this, you can join the community of like-minded people like online developers’ forum or coding completions’ where numbers of developers gather on one single platform. This way you can not only learn your limitations but can also share your ideas. Thus, an ideal channel for to and fro information flow gets established.

We, hope you liked reading this and have got the answer to what it takes to develop a mobile app. So, the next time you use an app just thing of what all goes behind in making the thing work and we will meet you next time with more such exciting and information-laden content.

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Mobile Application Development Basics

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