Mobile App Development Trends That'll Rule in 2020
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Mobile App Development Trends That’ll Rule in 2020

Mobile Applications are an important facet of revolutionizing technology, making the best out of them and applying them to create more convenience, access and a user experience that is instant, with better connectivity than ever. Some technologies are designed to ensure that these things come with security measures that ensure the safety of the users, protecting their data and safeguarding them from hacks and frauds. Here are some of the Mobile Application Trends that are poised to rule 2020.


Security, accessibility, and convenience are the cornerstones of the new trend that has penetrated the market when it comes to payments. In 2020. There has been an overwhelming shift in the payment methods from the conventional cheque or cash-based payments that are usually inconvenient methods of payment. With online payment being adopted at large, the threat of hacking and fraud have surfaced, with such threats being demotivating factors for people and businesses to wholeheartedly adopt this change. Blockchain solves that exact problem. It provides a functional online payment module, that’s secure through its code that is embedded within the blockchain.

In times when handheld devices and mobile phones are mediums of connection between businesses and customers, blockchain has immense potential to become an integral part of mobile app development, both for developing a blockchain-based application or for integrating blockchain-related features within other applications, to increase their security, creating a more seamless experience and providing maximum convenience to users. This is especially applicable to the financial sector, with great use in both B2B and B2C businesses, as they venture towards the adoption of blockchain and integrating that technology within their applications

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We live in a data-driven world. Data analytics is one of the most useful tools that businesses use in order to understand their target audience and come up with effective marketing strategies. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, businesses can revolutionize and most likely will revolutionize data analytics, customer service, process optimization through automation and changing the landscape of how businesses interact with their consumers.

Moreover, the optimization of business processes is an essential tool to reduce the time it takes to complete certain tasks, reducing the amount of effort it takes, reducing the number of resources required to complete a certain task and approach things in a more informed manner when it comes to decision making, planning and executing strategies.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence with mobile applications can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Automated emails are already a thing, imagine automated responses to messages, invites, and events based on an AI’s ability to recognize your engagement pattern. This is something that’s going to make it big in 2020, with the help of sentiment analyzers. The lines of communication between businesses require constant labor but with AI and sentiment analyzers, this process can be optimized and automated. This is certainly one of the leading innovations that are going to impact the mobile application world in a big way.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (AR) are emerging technologies that fulfill very important criteria of the corporate world and businesses, which is the creation of an eye-catching spectacle that attracts people. Enterprise mobile applications with AR and VR integration is a technological feat that will reshape the way businesses interact with people and create a unique and engaging experience for mobile app users. The potential of this technology is revolutionizing customer retention on application through its engaging content, strategy and aesthetic.

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Mixed reality in all senses of the word “cool.” These factors for business owners and entrepreneurs to create an engagement that goes beyond stories and texts. Such integration has the potential to create far more humane experiences between companies and clients, enhancing the way businesses operate in the world right now.

On-demand Apps

Convenience is the need of the 21st century and the ultimate goal of every individual alive. On-demand apps cater to that exact need while making sure that urgency is catered to for people looking to access services. Applications like Uber, Drizly, and Medicast have had huge success in the market, simply because they offer a convenient solution to people in need, with only a few taps on their mobile phones. The thought that goes into using these applications is minimal because of how easy and accessible they are.

In 2020, the demand for such applications and their use is heading to a new peak, with the on-demand economy blooming at large. For now, On-demand applications seem to be targeted towards a more B2C approach but it is only a matter of time before they are utilized for more B2B interactions, bringer greater benefit to businesses and aiding the continuous growth of the On-demand economy.


Connectivity is the future of technology. Control, access, and convenience have emerged as one of the leading goals of technological development at large. IoT’s popularity has rapidly increased in the world, especially with the development of 5G technology, soon to be released for use. Seamless control, instant interactions with devices, home systems are the newest trend in the market and very soon it is expected that IoT based mobile apps will be introduced to the market with the help of Mobile app developers. Ease of access and seamless connectivity is the future and mobile applications are one of the most important tools that will make it possible for a large scale adoption of the technology.

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Mobile App Development Trends That’ll Rule in 2020

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