Mistakes Every Amazon Seller Must Avoid
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Mistakes Every Amazon Seller Must Avoid

7 Lesser-Known Mistakes Every Amazon Seller Must Keep In Mind To Avoid Being Banned

Amazon is a leading online marketplace with many sellers running their online business successfully. However, the marketplace has laid down a comprehensive list of selling policies and best practices in the “Seller Central” tab that needs to be followed mandatorily by the vendors. This can be quite a challenge for sellers to keep up, and at times, they might end up harming the position of their business significantly during their selling journey. 

Some minor mistakes might affect the seller’s business a bit, but there will also be big blunders that can’t’ be revoked. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your Amazon online store follows Amazon’s guidelines and policies adequately and does not make any simple mistakes that could cost you thousand dollars or even more; we have come up with some of the mistakes that must be avoided at all times and can save you from a ban from the marketplace. So please note them and get closer to success in no time. You can thank us later!

  • Violating or misunderstanding Amazon rules & regulations

As an Amazon seller, there are certain guidelines and policies laid down by Amazon that must be followed mandatorily, failing which, you might face penalties, or even worse, a ban or suspension of your selling services. And you don’t’ want to let that happen. So, you need to make sure that you don’t’ break any rules and violate Amazon’s Terms of Service. So, take time to read and comprehend the rules and regulations laid down by Amazon and save your account from getting suspended.

Once you get hold of what you are allowed and not allowed to do as an Amazon seller, it will be easier to do business on the Amazon marketplace. After all, a small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars and suspend your Vendor Central account permanently. So be careful and do your research before going ahead, especially when you are unsure of its policies. 

For instance, specific image guidelines need to be taken care of while uploading product photos onto the product pages. If you are not doing so, you might end up shutting down your account instead. Remember – A leading online marketplace like Amazon won’t’ get affected by a ban or suspension of one or two vendor accounts. Instead, it’s’ you who’ll’ suffer the loss. If need be, you can take the help of a professional to safeguard your account from any potential risks.

  • Committing account set-up mistakes

A seller account is precious to every retailer who intends to establish and grow their business on the Amazon marketplace. However, while setting up the seller account, one must know the rules and regulations. If you intend to avoid penalties and save your account from getting suspended, then you must adhere to the policies and guidelines laid down by Amazon.

Take note of the various common mistakes that sellers can commit while setting up their account on the marketplace:

  • Creating more than one seller account for doing business: To say the least, it is against the rules to set up two separate accounts with the intent to boost sales! The simple rule is that one seller can open ONLY ONE seller account.
  • Using a similar seller layout: Imitating might save some of your valuable time, but it won’t’ save you from Amazon’s policy violation as it isn’t’ a best practice in the eyes of Amazon. In addition, copying other sellers can put your account at a higher risk and may harm you in several ways.
  • Incorporating website URL to gain more traffic: Amazon discourages sellers from including their website URLs anywhere in the information provided in the account or even in the product description. It is strictly prohibited and is a policy violation that must be taken seriously if you don’t’ want any account suspensions.
  • Choosing the wrong account type: Select the seller account type relevant to your brand. If you cheat, you are going to get caught eventually. On the other hand, if you are not in the mood for any serious repercussions, you must pick the correct account type for your business. If you aren’t’ sure of the type, make sure you do your research thoroughly!

Avoiding these mistakes while setting up your seller account and sincerely abiding by Amazon’s policies and guidelines can help you become a successful Amazon seller with a smooth-running online business.

  • Neglecting the fierce competition

Ignoring the competition can be fatal. While you plan to make a mark as an ardent Amazon seller, you must also conduct thorough product research and dive deep into what your competitors are up to. While you are at it, you must explore the keywords your competitors are using to stay afloat and how you can leverage them to your advantage. Choosing a suitable product niche is also a part of competitor research. Make sure you choose the one that doesn’t make you struggle with the industry leaders. Don’t’ ignore your competition, yet focus on offering distinguished products to your potential buying audience.

  • Poorly optimized product listings

Product listings play a pivotal role in making your products and brand visible to your potential audience. A well-optimized product listing can get your products found by your prospects and also help you sell more eventually. So, if your product listings aren’t’ optimized effectively on Amazon, you might lose a substantial number of potential customers to your competing counterparts. Win the selling game by incorporating relevant keywords and including all the information your prospect might need to decide on a purchase. Demonstrate the pain points and critical benefits with clear, high-quality product photos.

  • A casual approach to product launch

Launching your products right is another crucial step to ensure the success of your online business. Having a casual approach towards the launch won’t’ work. It would be best to be proactive in carrying out a successful product launch, including catalog design, listing, publishing, social media promotion, and so much more. In addition, it would be best if you focused on the performance metrics to keep improving and making the launch a resounding success.

  • Not paying attention to customer service.

Exemplary customer service is something every seller craves to achieve. Not giving any heed to your customers and their queries or grievances can drastically impact your brand’s image. No matter what you offer, your customers will need support in resolving their issues and addressing their concerns on time. If a brand values its customers and treats them right, sellers can leverage them to get positive reviews and feedback, thereby a long-lasting impression. This way, they’ll be coming back to you every time they need to shop. Believe it or not, an incredible customer experience can go a long way in retaining your existing customers and persuading potential customers to buy from you.

  • Inability to fulfill customer ordersShoppingn shoppers go online purchases because of convenience and product on-time delivery. When the buyer doesn’t’ get these comforts, they are bound to move to a similar product offered by probably your competitor. If you don’t’ want that to happen, then you must ensure that the orders placed by your customers are delivered right on time or maybe before that! Don’t’ invite negative feedback by delaying their orders unnecessarily.

Wrapping Up

Optimizing product listings involves a great deal of time and effort. It calls for working on each element explained above with utmost care and precision. However, with the right blend of expertise and skills, an experienced Amazon Virtual Assistant can help you streamline the processes for you and boost your products” visibility, and increase sales in no time!

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Mistakes Every Amazon Seller Must Avoid

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