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Little Known Ways To Succeed With Digital Marketing

Got a small business whose online presence is, shall we say, not great at the moment?

That’s okay – for now.

In 2018, it’s important that you start to put some rocket fuel in your digital marketing campaign. More and more of your customers are finding businesses just like yours online. They’re finding them on Google, interacting with them on Facebook and asking questions on Twitter.

This is digital marketing; it’s the use of the Internet in all its glory – social media, SEO, email – ll to promote your brand to your audience.

It’s tricky, though. One wrong move could mess everything up, but making no moves at all will mean that your visibility and sales will drop.

Let’s take a look at the little-known ways to succeed with digital marketing.


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Implement Segmentation

What is segmentation? It’s when you segment your audience according to their particular interests and previous buying habits.

Why would you do this? So that you only send content that people actually want to see.

Imagine that I bought an item of clothing from a store. A week later, the same store emails me a deal they think I’d be interested in. The deal has nothing to do with my previous purchase and there’s no way I’m going to take up their offer. They’ve wasted their time and have taken no real interest in me. Should this keep happening, I’ll probably unsubscribe from their list.

When you segment your audience, you’re putting the right content in front of the right people. This boosts conversions and sales, and it makes customers happier. Do this with emails, Facebook ads … whatever you can think of.

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Below you can see Spotify use personalization in their emails perfectly:

Little Known Ways To Succeed With Digital Marketing

Moreover, customers have been asking for more personalization since 2016, so you’re essentially giving them what they want.

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Engage With People

If you post on social media but never engage with your audience, you’re missing a pretty big trick.

Social media shouldn’t be seen simply as a platform for you to sell more stuff. Instead, it should be a place where you build meaningful relationships with people.

Invite opportunities for dialogue with your customers. Ask questions and – when and where possible – actually respond.

Don’t make your social media all about business. Share content that your customers will really get a kick out of. Be entertaining, be educational and be value-driven.

Sure, you will need to sell from time to time. But what’s really going to underpin your digital marketing campaigns is the way you connect with people. Put value and relationship-building first and I can assure you that success will come.

Often, making someone feel good can be as simple as you – this successful business – replying to their comment. And when people feel good about your brand, they’re more inclined to buy from you.

Nail your Logo

Amazon is the eCommerce giant that no one can topple. But one of the biggest threats to the eCommerce entities who sell on Amazon is that they themselves have no brand identity. They sell on Amazon and nowhere else. They have no branding and therefore no brand loyalty. No one really knows who they are!

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Brand positioning and brand loyalty can help you stand apart from your rivals in 2018. When your brand means something to people, they’ll want to keep doing business with you.

A key ingredient of your brand is your brand’s logo. This shows people your identity, it gives people a reason to get to know you, and it gives you a focal point.

It also puts you in the mind of your customers. After all, when we think of major brands like Ford and McDonald’s, the first thing that always pops into our heads is their logos.

Moreover, a logo separates you and your particular values from your rivals.

Naturally, not all of us have as much money as Ford does to invest in a logo. But Shopify has a cool free logo maker that lets anyone create a top quality logo in minutes.

Improve the User Experience

Often, it’s the little things that go a long way.

Take user experience, for example. Do you ever stop to consider that your website – with all its seemingly harmless glitches – could be killing your conversions?

Customers simply don’t care for slow loading websites anymore because it:

1) Wastes their time

2) Shows that you don’t care about them

52% of shoppers now expect a site to load in just 2 seconds. Have you checked your site speed recently? If you haven’t, use a tool like this to test it. If your pages are slow, it’s time to root out the problem, which is often images that are too large.

Take a look at how easy your site is to navigate to, as well as how many clicks a customer needs to make before buying from you. If the answer is “too many”, you need to shorten it.

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Below you can see how few clicks MightySkins customers have to make to find products. They even have a drop-down menu for their customers to use to help them find the perfect skin for their device.

Make your site mobile-ready, too. If your website looks bad on mobile – or takes too long to load – you’ll lose a large chunk of your audience.


These are 4 ways to succeed with digital marketing. It’s all about improving your relationship with your customers. Treat them well and they’ll keep coming back.


Michelle is a content writer who loves to educate users through storytelling. She writes marketing and eCommerce content for Heroic Search, a SEO company based in Tulsa.


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