Link Co-Occurrences That Make SEO Link Building Strategies Work

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There are lots of different factors to consider and specific techniques to follow to make your link building strategy work and gain higher SEO and site ranking. These proven tips and techniques will make your link building strategy easier and far more useful.

  • First, you should ensure that you link anchor text which is typically a clickable section of the text of a link. Normally, Google uses anchor text as one of its most significant ranking signals.
  • That means Google will read the text and determine what the content is about as well as the page that it is wanting to link to.

Of course, in SEO like anything, it is a keyword-rich anchor text that is most abused since the olden days and even today. However, if you build a lot of anchor text links that are an exact match that will be considered spammy.

Therefore, building links with keyword-rich anchor text is not recommended but if you do create such a link with your keyword in the anchor text make sure that it is accurate.

Focus on link co-occurrences

Link co-occurrences are the specific words and phrases that typically appear around the link. This is considered as secondary or smaller anchor text by Google. These are ideally the texts around your link that give enough clues to the content and subject matter of the page and Google uses it extensively for page ranking.

So, what about using a link from a guest post? Well, since the past couple of years Google considers links from guest blogs and guest blogging to be too spammy and is done with it. However, it depends on a few specific circumstances as to which links will be considered as a spam and which not. Here are a few instances which Google may consider as a red flag and that can make a guest post spammy:

  • When someone is paid for publishing a post
  • The post itself contains exact match anchor text in it
  • The site exists exclusively to publish guest posts and
  • The site is unrelated to your site.

That means you will have to publish a guest post that is mind-blowing on an authoritative and relevant site as that link only will help your site to rank and have a better SEO.

Experts from ChicagoSEO firm suggest that you also make sure that you focus more on ‘do follow’ links rather than ‘no follow’ links as that will tell Google not to consider those links as an endorsement. This will obviously affect your SEO when it comes to it.

Links with content marketing

You can even get and use links with content marketing that are world-class. It needs no specific mention that the content of the site is the key to get some amazing backlinks. However, to find a few of these here is the deal:

  • You will hardly get any backlinks if you simply publish content for your site
  • You will need to research and find out specific types of contents that work best for link building.

There are four types of content that have a tendency to generate the most links. These are:

  • Visual assets
  • List posts
  • Original research and data and
  • In-depth ultimate guides.

All these fours have significant characteristics that will make your SEO strategy work.

Visual Assets

These are the most significant element of a content that will generate more links if used in the most precise way. Ideally, the visual assets include:

  • Images
  • Diagrams
  • Charts
  • Infographics or any other pieces of content that are visual-oriented.

The most significant reason that these assets work is that these are extremely easy to link to. For example, if you publish a chart on your site and whenever someone shares it with their site, you will automatically get a link. This is a very good approach to generate links that work much better than text-based content.

List Posts

The lists posts, just as the name suggests includes just about anything and everything to create a list. It can include things like:

  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Techniques
  • Myths
  • Reasons and more.

These lists posts work well to generate links simply because these are bite-sized chunks that are more digestible and packs a lot of value. It is a proven fact that lists posts can generate a lot more backlinks as compared to other content formats. It even outperforms videos, quizzes, and even infographics. It will also generate a ton of shares and comments.

Therefore, list posts can be fairly called the link magnet and can make your site rank number one in the Google search pages.

Original research and data

This is ideally the content that shows new data from different industry studies, original research, and surveys. This works because data and statistics are two highly linkable things. Therefore, when a person cites your data, they automatically link it to you. The most unique thing about these statistics and data is that these create links that add up very quickly.

However, you will need to make sure that the data provided is original and authentic if you want to accumulate a lot of links.

In-depth ultimate guides

When you need to know anything and everything about a specific topic you will need a comprehensive resource and there cannot be anything better than an in-depth ultimate guide. This works in creating a lot of links because:

  • It covers everything
  • It packs an insane amount of information and
  • You can get all data and insights in one place.

All these facts make it your one and only go-to resource for any topic. You will be even able to get a huge amount of info for keyword research on a daily basis. Since this multi-chapter guide will be starkly different from any other online resource, it will generate a lot of links for you.

Therefore, if you want to generate more links for your site, the best way is to focus on creating content that has the best elements in it. It will satisfy your users as well as the Google ranking algorithm.

Link Co-Occurrences And Content That Make SEO Link Building Strategies Work

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