Link Building for Your eCommerce Store: Ultimate Guide for 2021

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In today’s SEO world, link building has to play an imperative role. According to recent studies, it has been found that powerful links back nearly 50% of SEO success. Therefore, when it comes to an eCommerce site, SEO link building is considered an important pillar. 

If you are looking to boost your eCommerce business in a relatively short time, then it is wise to follow SEO link-building marketing tactics. However, building an in-house marketing team for link building can be costly for your business. Henceforth, it is recommended to take a more sensible approach and acquire SEO link-building services from the most resourceful & reliable company. 

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At this point, you must be wondering how you should be creating links to your eCommerce site that can benefit your business in the short run and long run. Well, the answer to that is to go creative with link-building strategies. This will help your eCommerce store;

  • Grow at a rapid pace
  • Gain online brand visibility  
  • Rank high in Google searches
  • Generate organic traffic 
  • Acquire potential leads 
  • Improve customer-base
  • Increase sales volume 
  • Ramp up profitability

Ecommerce Link Building Tactics & Techniques

Here I’m going to briefly discuss a few useful link-building strategies you can implement for your online business.

  • Promote Extreme Products 

Have you ever thought of leveraging extreme products as a tool for building powerful links? It’s high time to know more about this as your business can benefit from stocking and promoting extreme products. You can either add these products as part of your new business segment or just seasonal sales.

By building links around extreme products, your eCommerce site can instantly generate considerable traffic. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that leveraging extreme products can appeal to a mass audience in the shortest period. This way, your eCommerce brand can build brand awareness

  • Provide Additional Information 

When it comes to any eCommerce store, the ultimate goal is to drive a potential audience and increase revenues. The same can be achieved by creating valuable content and offering additional information. Offering a high-quality education section can indeed convert potential leads into long-term customers. 

You can either work with content writers, partner with bloggers, or focus on online publications to provide valuable information to your audience. You wouldn’t need to push your audience to buy products from your site. 

The published content will be more than enough for your readers to learn about the products offered by your eCommerce store and to help them make an educated or informed purchasing decision. According to research, 82 percent of online shoppers are interested in researching & reading reviews online before purchasing. 

  • Get Featured in Resources Sections 

When it comes to online store websites, resource sections are considered another useful area for the audience. These sections list trusted providers that have to offer relatable services. 

For instance, an eCommerce store selling weightlifting gloves will link to a local therapist page for the treatment of sore muscles. Likewise, acquiring a link to an educational site, page, or product is a useful strategy to create compelling links. 

eCommerceLink Building for Your eCommerce Store

  • Focus on Video Marketing

Video marketing is a process of using videos, templates, and related resources to market your products/services and approach the audience with a new medium. Video content (in-depth instructional videos) can enable your eCommerce brand to build effective links and target profitable market segments.

For instance, if your eCommerce store sells highly fashionable clothes, then your marketing team can focus on creating fun and engaging videos on related topics like “top 5 fashion trends of 2021” or “5 cool ways to wear lace jackets.” 

  • Make Your Products Shareable

If you wonder how to make your eCommerce store shareable products, your marketing team or link-building service provider shall focus on creating a feature that can make your audience amazed. 

It is one of the most potential link-building campaigns that can scale the idea on better grounds and build organic traffic via visually striking images embeddable

  • Get Support of Influencers

Nowadays, many online businesses, big brands, and sponsored companies are interested in acquiring influencer’s professional marketing services to build business credibility. Therefore, getting the support of influencers to create and share content assets is imperative for eCommerce stores to build strong links. 

A high social media presence is beneficial in delivering natural messages to a massive audience and boosting consumer experience.

  • Try Product Giveaways 

Another useful link-building tactic is to give away free products to make your eCommerce website gain an enormous online presence. You can conduct free giveaways through social media platforms of influencers/bloggers, affiliate marketing, blogger outreach programs, etc. 

Giving away free products is the right promotional strategy to build links and make your customers feel valued. This can result in bringing a lot of potential links, loyal leads, and more sales. 

  • Employ Integrated Content Marketing

Establishing an internal linking structure is a fundamental tool for integrated content marketing and creating compelling blogs. Of course, this has to influence your customers on positive grounds, although this strategy doesn’t get to funnel customers to main product pages directly. 

It is advised to invest in a blog that can ensure high-quality and relevant content, offers a natural channel, and provide authoritative links. 

  • Use Coupon Codes as Part of Marketing

Many online businesses use coupon codes as a strategic park of link-building marketing in today’s highly competitive digital era. If you are also looking to increase your eCommerce store’s sales volume, then offer coupon codes to attract an audience, but don’t make it an integral part of the offering. Otherwise, your customers will become dependent on sales and won’t purchase anything unless there is a discount. 

Link Building for Your eCommerce Store: Ultimate Guide for 2021

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