Link Building: The Significance It Holds for Your E-Commerce Business
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Link Building for your eCommerce Business

Link Building: The Significance It Holds for Your E-Commerce Business

Link building is significant for the success of your e-commerce business because it is one of the core ranking factors associated with Google algorithm for Search Engine Optimization. There is no denying the fact that every online business relies on web traffic for generating sales. The highest quality of traffic is undoubtedly organic search traffic for e-commerce businesses because customers are interested in purchasing right now. For example, imagine someone scouring through the internet for comforters, which are on sale. They are going to search, “comforters for sale.” When your website ranks number one for the buyer keywords, it is obvious that they are going to visit your website and end up purchasing the comforter. The two ways that can be used for accessing glorious organic traffic include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the unique process of using the algorithm of Google by making several changes to the e-commerce website to get a high rank. According to, link building is not only effective but it is also a necessity for building a great SEO campaign.

Link Building for your eCommerce Business

What exactly is e-commerce link building?

The process of earning votes or links from websites, which point to other websites is known as link building. Whenever your website is earning quality and relevant links, Google will understand that your website can not only be trusted but it is also authoritative. Earning links is responsible for increasing the site traffic, helps in building brand awareness, and is also responsible for driving targeted traffic. There is no denying the fact that links are undoubtedly important ranking factors on Google.

How can you earn links to the e-commerce website?

You can make use of the step by step processes for earning links with the help of personalized email outreach. The ideal way of beginning the campaign of link building is by concentrating on the relationships within your network. This strategy is known as vendor links.

Vendor links

Since you are in an e-commerce business, you already know that there are several moving pieces, which are of utmost importance. These moving pieces include logistics, payment processing, sales, marketing, and a lot more. This means that an e-commerce business that has a working relationship with several other companies helps them to run efficiently. Also, e-commerce businesses have the option of leveraging these relationships for getting links.

Also, you need to know that a website platform is the only place where you have the option of adding testimonials in exchange for backlinks. You can consider reaching out to all the organizations that the e-commerce business has been working with previously or is currently working with. You have the option of offering them a similar value in exchange for backlinks.

Unlinked brand mentions

In an e-commerce business, your brand is going to matter the most because you are going to sell products. Most of the time, the products that you are selling are going to be articles that are required by people in their daily lives. It can be so that your e-commerce business has spent a lot of time on building a huge presence on social media. This means that your business is going to have several unlinked mentions from bloggers, news, affiliate marketers, as well as several other businesses.

You can consider reaching out to webmasters as well as editors of all these websites and request them to add your links. You can offer to share the work that they have recently done on all your social media accounts in exchange for the links.

Niche based links

When e-commerce businesses sell supplements, they are going to ask businesses that sell weights for links. This means that you are asking businesses that belong to your niche for links. You have to look for links from businesses that are related to your business but you also have to ensure that they are not in competition with you directly.

Few business owners argue that a niche based link has the chance of stretching into the realm of the link partners. However, data has shown that exchanging links for reciprocal linking has a good effect on the website ranking when it is done positively. Also, the website is not going to be at risk of being penalized. Reciprocal linking is particularly good when all the guidelines of Google are followed by links that are contextually relevant and can provide value. You can search for “SEO companies near me” on Google to get the best professional help from SEO professionals.

Customer surveys

E-commerce businesses are often responsible for putting out customer surveys so that they can understand the desires, dislikes and the requirement of the customers. Every business knows that customer surveys are responsible for providing a lot of business value. A customer survey allows e-commerce businesses to get rid of products that are not needed anymore and add products, which have a high demand. Customer surveys help in fulfilling the requirements of all the customers.

However, the data received from a customer survey can be leveraged in several ways from the perspective of online marketing. Customer survey data is responsible for making great linkable assets as well as content pieces, which can be created for fulfilling requirements, providing value, and proving the point of a website, all in exchange for links.

For example, suppose 1 million male customers from Florida are interested in buying supplements and lifting weights. This data format can be converted into a chart and pitched to parenting blogs, weightlifting blogs, and other blogs for inclusion in existing or pre-existing articles, where data provides value, fulfills a requirement, and proves a particular point.

Guest post

Guest posting is a complete favorite of all e-commerce businesses. Given below is a list of the benefits associated with guest posting.

  • It helps in boosting organic ranking.
  • It helps in increasing brand awareness.
  • It helps in getting targeted referral traffic.

Guest posts are articles about topics that revolve around the business and topics that the readers are going to find significant. In the eyes of Google, this can be extremely beneficial for your e-commerce website.


Search Engine Optimization, as well as link building, is extremely important for making your e-commerce business successful. Make sure that you understand the importance of link building so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

Link Building for your eCommerce Business

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